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Can A Denver Roofer Fix Your Roof in the Winter?

February 8, 2017

Roof problems will arise when you least expect them. Many homeowners will find problems with their roofs after a harsh winter storm, and will want them fixed right away to prevent further damage. But, is it possible to have a Denver roofer fix your roof in the middle of winter? It depends.

Roofing Materials

Some roofing materials are affected by the temperature, so when it’s below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, a roofer may not be able to work with certain materials. Many homeowners are under the impression that asphalt shingles cannot be replaced during the winter because this roofing material depends on heat from the sun to seal properly, but that’s not the case. In cold temperatures, roofers can install shingles and keep them in place with caulking. Roofers will have to be extra careful to avoid snapping the shingles, as they become more brittle in extremely cold temperatures. Talk to your roofer before you schedule a project to ensure the materials you need will not be affected by the weather.


Tools that your roofer needs to complete the job could also be affected by the weather. For example, compressors and nail guns are needed to lay shingles in place, but in freezing temperatures, ice can affect these tools’ performance. Water can begin to freeze in the airlines of these tools and prevent the nails from being driven down deep into the shingle. When this happens, the shingle will not be secured in place and you may need repairs after the temperatures warm up. Learn more about roofing tool basics.

Weather Conditions

Roofers can typically work around a little bit of ice on the roof, but if there is a massive snowstorm, you shouldn’t expect a roofer to begin a repair or replacement project. Remember, working on a roof is dangerous enough on its own, but when you factor in extreme weather conditions, it becomes even more risky. If the temperatures are too cold for a roofer to work comfortably, he may ask that you reschedule.

However, you should keep in mind that sometimes it’s warmer on a roof than it is outside. Why? If you have the heat on inside your home, a roofer working on your roof will probably be able to feel it. In fact, it’s estimated that roofs are about 10-15 degrees warmer than the rest of the outdoors because of this airflow.

If you discover an issue with your roof in the winter, it’s recommended that you contact a roofer right away instead of waiting for spring to roll around. Even if weather conditions prevent the roofer from coming right away, he may still be able to advise you on what to do until a roofer can come to your home.

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