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Roofing Company in Denver Discusses Common Roofing Mistakes

February 1, 2017

A roof is one of the most important parts of a home, but it’s often overlooked by homeowners until there’s a major problem that requires a repair. According to Big Creek Roofing, a roofing company in Denver, many roofing issues could be avoided if only homeowners learned more about these common mistakes:

Installing Mismatched Shingles

If you’re having your roof replaced, talk to the roofing contractor to ensure he is not using mismatched shingles. Some unreliable roofing contractors will order shingles from various manufacturers, which means the colors will not quite match up when laid next to each other on your roof. Avoid this issue by making sure the contractor ordered all of the shingles from the same place.

Adding A Second Layer of Shingles

Many cities do not allow you to add a second layer of shingles onto your roof without removing the old one, but even if your city does, it’s not a good idea. If the old shingles are not removed, the roofing contractor does not have the opportunity to inspect the integrity of the roof deck. Installing shingles on top of other shingles is also difficult, which means there’s a higher chance of errors that could lead to the need for roof repairs. Additionally, two layers of shingles can be quite heavy, and the weight may be too much for your home to bear.  Learn more about the pros and cons of a new roof vs. an overlay.

Choosing the Wrong Contractor

All it takes is a quick Google search or scan of the Yellow Pages to see there are dozens of roofers in your area, so how do you know who to choose? Don’t choose the first roofer you find—or the cheapest. Instead, look for an experienced roofing company that offers fair prices and has solid online reviews from customers. You should also make sure the roofer you hire is licensed and insured, otherwise he should not be allowed to work on your roof.

Neglecting the Gutters

It’s important to schedule regular gutter cleanings with a roofing contractor in order to extend the life of your roof. If you fail to clean out your gutters on a regular basis, water will not be able to drain properly. Instead of flowing through your gutters, it will either form a puddle on your roof or fall off the side of your home and gather near your foundation. Either scenario can lead to major problems such as roof leaks or foundation damage, which are two problems that are very expensive to fix. But, making a minor investment in regular gutter cleanings can help you avoid having to pay for these repairs later.

Big Creek Roofing is the premier Denver roofing company, with a staff that specializes in every aspect of roof maintenance, repair, and replacement for commercial and residential properties. When you hire our team to tackle your roofing project, you can expect on-time and high quality service at a reasonable price. Contact us today to discuss your roofing needs!