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Tips From A Denver Roofer: Protecting Your Roof in the Winter

November 23, 2016

Winter is one of the toughest times for roofs in Denver because they are exposed to extremely low temperatures, snow, and ice. If you don’t protect your roof in the winter, you may end up with a mountain of repair costs once spring rolls around. To avoid this from happening, follow these tips from a Denver roofer at Big Creek Roofing:

Clean the gutters

When your gutters are blocked by leaves, twigs, and other debris, water has nowhere to go when it’s trying to drain off of your roof. Instead of flowing through your gutters, it backs up onto your roof and eventually refreezes when the temperatures begin to drop, putting your roof in serious danger. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, make sure your gutters are thoroughly cleaned before winter is here. Manually remove any big pieces of debris from the gutters, and then use a hose to flush out whatever is left over.

Prevent ice dams

An ice dam is formed when snow or ice on your roof melts because of the warm temperatures inside your attic, and then flows down to the edge of your roof where it refreezes. The newly formed ice acts as a barrier that prevents other water from draining off of your roof, which leads to a huge buildup in no time. This is one of the main reasons why so many homeowners need roof repair after a brutal winter, so be prepared by learning how to prevent it.
During the winter, keep your attic cool so it doesn’t cause ice dams to form. The temperature in your attic should be no more than ten degrees higher than the temperature outside. You should also check the insulation on your attic floor to ensure heat from the rest of your house is not moving its way up through the attic and the roof.

Buy a roof rake

Prepare for the cold winter ahead by buying a roof rake, which is used to safely scrape snow off of your roof before it can cause any damage. It’s recommended that you never let snow accumulate past four feet on the top of your roof, but it’s best to remove it as soon as it falls so it doesn’t become a bigger issue.
But, if you’ve never used a roof rake before, you should carefully read and follow the instructions. For example, if you have a steep roof, the snow could come falling down on you quickly as you begin to rake it off, so you will need to exercise caution. You also need to be extremely careful if there is ice on your roof since falling ice can be heavy and cause serious injuries if it hits you on its way down. Read the 5 rules of roof snow rakes.
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