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Filing Insurance Claims for Your Denver Roof

November 9, 2016

High-quality roofing material can enhance the overall appearance and structural integrity of your home or commercial property. However, powerful storms can facilitate immediate and severe damages that impair the roofing system and render your property susceptible to destructive leaks.  Roofing companies in Denver can repair roofs and help you file insurance claims to compensate for the repair project. If your roof has incurred severe storm damages, you should learn about the insurance claim services that premier roofing experts can provide.

Storm Damages

The commercial roofing companies can identify which types of storm damages are covered in your insurance plans. Insurance typically does not apply for situations in which roofs become damaged over an extensive period of time and through natural wear and tear. On the other hand, insurance plans often cover problems in which one series of powerful storms instigates hazardous damages to your roof. For instance, intense hailstorms can cause your roof to be bombarded with large stones of hail, the hailstones can crack and damage the shingles or flashes, and many insurance plans cover this type of hail damage. Excessive accumulations of snow from extreme blizzards can also impair various parts of your roof and be covered by your insurance plan. Powerful gusts from wind storms can cause shingles to become loose or dislodged, which can then leave open spots and trigger leaks.  


You can have roofing experts inspect the efficacy of your roof after large storms. Advanced knowledge and a wealth of experience in these situations allows the experts to understand which areas of your property are most likely to incur damages from different types of storms. For instance, roofing professionals can conduct various tests to evaluate the integrity of your shingles, flashes, gutters, siding, windows, downspouts, and drainage systems. You can also have the professionals fulfill a diverse range of comprehensive tests. Common tests that the experts implement during inspections include lab testing, forensic or structural reports, meteorological assessments, and infrared moisture evaluations. The inspections can provide many benefits for your insurance claim. The tests enable the roofing specialists to identify any structural damages that your roof has incurred and that would jeopardize the stability and safety of your property.  


The top Denver roofing companies can also provide adequate documentation to assist your insurance claim. In these documents, the experts can articulate the specific damages that your roof has incurred, the type of storm or weather incident that facilitated the damages, and the many reasons why the issues must be repaired. Whereas trying to fill out the documentation on your own can be complex and difficult, the experts can utilize effective reporting and cataloguing techniques to successfully explain the damages for the insurance companies.  

Roofing specialists can also assist the insurance filing process by incorporating photographs into the documents. Specialists understand which areas of the home should be photographed to accurately reflect the damages your roof has incurred. The experts can then arrange to have high-quality photographs taken of various aspects of your property, include the photos in the report, and this can significantly increase your chances of having your roof repair project covered by your insurance plan.

Contact Big Creek Roofers to assist with your insurance claim. For over 20 years our expert staff has been satisfying customers throughout the Denver area with our superior and customized roofing services. We provide full residential and commercial roofing services, we use the best products on the market, and we would be glad to help you file insurance claims and repair your roof to protect your building from damages and to maximize the quality of your property.