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Denver Roof Replacement Services for Storm Damage

October 26, 2016

Having a strong and high-quality roof can protect your belongings from leaks and enhance the attractiveness of your home. However, storm damages can impair the efficacy of your roof and require you to have your roof replaced to prevent more severe problems from emerging. If you are interested in replacing your roof due to storm damages, learn about the Denver roof replacement services that Big Creek Roofers provides.

Storm Damage

Colorado is known for our beautiful weather, however when storms roll through, they can be quite damaging. Hail is one of the most common issues that can diminish the integrity of your residential roof. When large hailstones pummeling your roof, it can crack, loosen or dislodge the roofing shingles or metal flashes. No stranger to Colorado are the heavy snowfalls during the winter which can also damage your roofing shingles. Although roofs are constructed to withstand heavy snow, situations in which the snow accumulates and becomes concentrated on one area of the roof can damage the shingles or flashes. Additionally, the wind gusts during Colorado storms can also damage your roof. These ensuing storm damages can then render your family and home susceptible to devastating leaks that are destructive to your belongings and can be very expensive if not repaired quickly.

Roof Replacement

Denver roofers can inspect your home for storm damage. During the inspection, the professionals can conduct tests on the various sections of your roof, assess the stability of the roof, and verify the quality of the shingle and flashing system. This can help the roofing companies accurately identify problems and determine whether or not your roof should be replaced. The roofing experts can utilize innovative products, supply impact-resistant shingles, and enable you to determine which roofing materials and design patterns would be most effective for your home. Having your roof replaced can provide many advantages. The new high-quality roof would strengthen the structure of your home, protect your interior from leaks, and enhance the gorgeous appearance of your property. Additionally, the many improvements facilitated by the roof replacement project can also increase the overall value of your property.

Insurance Claims

You can also have your roofing company help with your insurance claim. Many roofs that are damaged or destroyed by powerful storms qualify to be covered by insurance plans. This would enable your insurance company to help pay for the new roof, which would then minimize the amount that you need to pay out-of-pocket. The roofing experts in Denver can help you complete the insurance claim process. For instance, they can provide specific data, thorough documentation, clear pictures, and accurate information regarding the types of damage that the storms have inflicted upon your roof. The experts can also articulate the important safety needs of having the roof replaced. This beneficial information can then help you effectively file your claim, communicate with the insurance company, and obtain financial assistance to fund the new roof.  

Contact Big Creek Roofers to work on your roof replacement project. Our expert staff has over 20 years of combined experience and are known throughout the Denver area for providing superior and personalized roofing services. Call us at 303-877-8369, we would be happy to install or replace your next roof.