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Why You Should Use a Small, Family-Owned Company for your Denver Roof Repair

October 19, 2016

Small, independent businesses like your Denver roofers at Big Creek Roofing and Restoration offer better service; can make independent, community-based decisions that have a more responsible impact on the local economy. Plus, you will be supporting a small business, and enhancing the lives of your neighbors in your local community.

Studies done by a Chicago industry-tracking firm, Civic Economics, indicate that local business owners help keep more profits in the community. The studies were conducted in Maine, California and Chicago and demonstrated that when one dollar is spent at a local independent business, generally, three times more money is re-spent in the local economy versus shopping at a non-local business.

More money is kept in the community because locally owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses, service providers and farms. Purchasing locally helps grow other businesses, as well as the local tax base.

According to the "multiplier effect," staying local creates more local wealth and jobs. The multiplier comes from the fact that independent, locally owned businesses recirculate a far greater percentage of local revenue compared to absentee-owned businesses (or locally-owned franchises).

Local businesses can be also be neighborhood advocates, caretakers and watchdogs for their communities. Small, local business owners are part of what the great urbanist, Jane Jacobs, calls "eyes on the street." Local business owners, like your friendly Denver roof repair company, look out for our community, develop relationships with our community and make neighborhoods safer and stronger.

Smaller businesses that have no shareholders are free to make decisions that include the well being of our employees, neighborhood, and the environment. Small, local businesses can make decisions driven by their conscience, not decisions driven by shareholders. Large corporations are legally bound to maximize shareholder profits. Indeed, Nobel Award-Winning economist, Milton Friedman noted that it is immoral for a large corporation to do otherwise. Generally, their hands are tied.

With such an emphasis on "buy local" these days, large corporations are fine-tuning their marketing to make the unaware consumer think their large corporate businesses are local when they're really not. Do your research before hiring a roof repair company for your next project. Don't trust marketing and advertising claims up front, do your research. In an Indy Week post, The Dirty Tricks Behind Local-washing, they caution folks to look for "local-washing," which they describe as non-local businesses claiming to be local, because they know that today's public values local, home-grown businesses.

At Big Creek Roofing and Restoration we believe in supporting small business. We are your go-to, family-owned, Denver roof repair business. We are a family company comprised of a father and son team who work with the assistance of our trusted, experienced employees. As a small local business, we pride ourselves on being responsible to Colorado and the communities within it. We offer free estimates, inspections, and warranties on all of our services. We have the knowledge and experience to complete your project ethically, on time, and within your budget. Contact us today or call 303-877-8369 to get started!