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Even More Window Styles from Your Denver Roofing and Restoration Company

October 12, 2016

It can be intimidating and overwhelming to try to pick out the right windows for your home. There are many styles available, and within those styles, you still want to choose windows that are efficient and that hopefully produce energy savings for you. Unique windows offer something special to a home, and in an earlier blog post, we offered some great options for your home windows: Home Window Styles from Your Denver Roofing and Restoration Company. We are your premier Denver roofing company, and we can also help you with choosing, installing, and maintaining new windows for your Denver home. Here we present even more window styles for your home.

Transom windows 

These are decorative accents added to homes to help break up the space or to create interesting features. These are the windows that you see installed above doors and windows. They are typically a semicircle shape, but can be square or rectangular as well.

They are usually used for decoration only and are designed to let in light without opening or closing, but that is not always the case. Some transom windows open up just like awning windows do, with the bottom tipping out and up to form a slightly slanted roof that lets air into the home.

Storm Windows

Sometimes investing in new, more highly insulated windows isn’t the best option. While it’s certainly convenient to have quality windows that aren’t letting in the cold, studies show that you can get nearly the same results using storm windows.

Storm windows are exterior windows that install right into the same frame as your existing windows. They don’t replace your windows, but add another layer of protection. They are flat panels with no breaks, and this makes them highly effective at preventing drafts and heat loss. Compared to new windows, quality storm windows are very affordable. They are simple to install as well. The only real downside to these windows is that they have to be put up and taken down throughout the year with the seasons, and they limit the use of the original windows once installed, which means no ventilation.

Hinged or Casement Windows

Both casement windows and hinged windows are built with a hinge in their construction. Instead of sliding open like double or single hung windows, they swing out to the side or up. This allows the window to be constructed of solid glass and offers a less obstructed view. These windows are decorative and let a large amount of light inside.
Hinged windows are excellent insulators because they do not have the separate pieces and breaks between the pieces that other windows have. This helps keep your home warmer in the Fall and Winter months and also keeps the weather out more effectively.

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