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Shopping for a New Home? Look Out for Homes in Denver that May Need Roof Repair

September 21, 2016

When in the market for a new home, outside elements are just as important as the inside!  It is important to inspect all elements and know what you are purchasing, especially in an older home. You may be able to work with the seller on repairs or at least know what to tell your insurance company for repairs.
  1. Bending Gutters: Gutters are essential to direct water away from your home. When gutters go out of place, from bending to bowing, it is a sign of a larger issue. One of the main issues that can occur are draining issues. When the gutters are not in line, they can clog. This leads to them weighing down in certain areas and eventually can put a strain on your roof. But gutter issues can affect more than just your roof. They can also ruin the foundation. When water isn’t directed away from the ground around the home, it can cause issues in the basement or foundation. Ultimately, the foundation can crack which can be a costly fix.
  2. Cracking or Misshaped Shingles: If you notice the shingles on the roof are beginning to bend up or crack, the roof may need replaced. This typically happens in older shingles but is possible in many. In some cases small repair can work, but in others, you may need to replace the roof. It is definitely a warning sign to take action on for the structure of your roof. As you are looking, you want to be sure the shingles lay flat against the roof. If they don’t, definitely have it looked at and possibly fixed by the homeowner.
  3. Faulty Flashing: It is important all flashing is properly working. Flashing is added on any opening point on the roof such as around windows, the chimney, etc. When flashing begins to fail, it can cause leaks in the roof. This could lead to structural damage and the potential for mold to grow. It also can lead to many problems with your roof. Its structure directs water away from those areas and guides it down to the gutters. So when it becomes loose or does not work properly, you are left with a sticky situation. Learn more about roof flashing in This Old House’s article “Roof Flashing: What is it and what it means when it fails.”
As you shop for a new home, look into these issues and more as you inspect the space. A thorough check or call to your local Denver roof repair company can help you determine the quality. From there, you can work with your realtor to see if the homeowner can handle anything mentioned in inspection. Siding is another important aspect to look at. Check out these warning sides that siding needs replaced and let Big Creek Roofing and Restoration help! By choosing us, you can expect premium materials, quality work, quick written estimate and much more. For help looking at roofs at a potential new home, let us help! Fill out a contact form or call us at 303-877-8369.