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Benefits of Adding Skylights and How Your Denver Roofing Company Can Help

September 7, 2016

Skylights are a beautiful addition to the home. Not only are they the perfect though to a home, but also can provide a great purpose Learn how a Denver roofing company can help make this addition to your home a seamless one and the benefits to this home renovation.
  1. Natural Light and Energy Savings: Skylight windows add the perfect amount of natural light to a home. No matter where they are placed, whether it is a bedroom, loft or bathroom, it provides balance. This feature will provide you another advantage with energy savings. When you put skylights in a room, you will not need to use your electricity as often because the natural light can take its it’s place. So, not only will this help your wallet, but it will help the environment too! To get the most out of your skylight windows, learn more from Energy Star’s article “Energy Performance Ratings for Windows, Doors and Skylights.” Blinds, shades and other accessories will help you control the amount of light coming in if you prefer to tone things down at certain hours of the day.
  2. Position for Optimal Solar Benefits: In order to get the most out of your skylight windows, they need to be placed in properly. The Consumer Energy Center explains in their “Residential Skylights” article, skylights that face the north will give a fair amount of constant light and a cool illumination. East facing lights they say will bring in the most heat during the warm months and west-facing windows will bring in much light and heat in the afternoon an evening. For the best results in the winter or cooler months, Consumer Energy advises to install south-facing skylights. To help combat large amount of heat from coming in during the summer, different types of shade and awnings will help. There are ways to position the windows too to help that can be found in their article.
  3. Roofing Tips: The installer of your windows and your Denver roofing company can help you decide if skylights are right for you. Because you will need to cut a space in your roof, flashing will need to be installed around it to keep out the elements. Flashing goes around each opening on a roof that serves as a barrier against everything outside. If you are replacing your roof and are considering skylights, your roofer will help you learn if the type of roof you have will work. Some roof types will handle skylights better than others. That does not mean it cannot be done though! Typically roofs that are extreme one way (steep or flat) will require more work in the installation and a different type of flashing kit.
As you are looking into adding skylights to your home, learn more about all types of windows and window styles. When you are ready to update, make repairs or ask questions about skylight windows, Big Creek Roofing and Restoration can help! Learn about our residential roofing services and request a quote to get started.