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Warning Signs that Your Siding Needs to Be Replaced and How Denver Roofing Companies can Help

August 17, 2016

Various types of siding can last quite a long time! Depending on the type of siding that is on your house, it can last up to 50 years! Given that siding protects all angles around the house from the elements, you will want to replace it quickly once it begins to fail. When it comes time to upgrade or fix your siding, Denver roofing companies can help. If your home has any of the warning signs below, it best to get in touch with a company to get the process started.
  1. Poor Insulation that Increases Bills: If you notice over time that your heating or air conditioning bills increase, there may be issues with your home’s insulation. When the insulation begins to age or fail, it becomes harder to keep out external temperatures. Also, when there are different air leaks, it lets the outside air in. So not only will this raise your heating and cooling bills, but will also put more of a strain on your heating and cooling systems. You also may notice certain rooms of your home have different temperatures.  This could mean the insulation is damaged or has lost quality overtime. Have your local roofer review your situation to provide the best solution.
  2. Outside Damage: There are many types of noticeable damage to the exterior of your siding that can happen. When finding damage, it is definitely time to consider upgrading your siding. Some of the obvious signs of change include cracks, rotting, warping, faded or bubbled out siding. If you find that any part of your damaged siding has soft areas, it is crucial to get in touch with your local roofer. Why? It could be the sign of a larger issue and either way, it has decreased the effectiveness of the siding. Another warning sign to watch out for is siding pain that easily fades or comes off. If you find you have to re-paint your house often, it is definitely a sign of age and is ready to re replaced. See what various types of outside damage look like in Bob Vila’s article “7 Signs Your House Needs New Siding.”
  3. Weather Damage: Unfortunately the weather can lead to some costly fixes! According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association’s page on hail, mid April through mid August are some of the states highest chances for hail damage. In fact, they say the Front Range area received the highest amount of large hailstones in North America and across the globe! If the unexpected happens and you have roof and siding damage due to a hailstorm, or other type of storm, it is best to contact your insurance company immediately. From there, look into having your siding replaced to ensure the quality of your home.
When it comes to replacing your roofing or siding, Big Creek Roofing and Restoration can help! We are your go-to Denver roofing company that can quickly take care of your siding issues. Learn more about the benefits of fiber cement home siding and let us know if you need help! Get your free quote started today.