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Fiber Cement Home Siding Information from Big Creek Roofing in Denver

July 13, 2016

The demands of our Denver climate call for high quality workmanship and the best home siding materials. Siding that is not properly installed can warp or degrade in the temperature changes we experience here. The extreme winter cold and snow require us to take extra care when selecting the materials we will use on your Denver home. Here at Big Creek Roofing and Restoration, we have lived in Colorado all our lives and understand what the climate here can do to your Denver home siding. We specialize in roofing and can also complete a variety of jobs ranging from siding, windows, decks, fences, light concrete and remodels.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement masquerades as wood or masonry, wears like concrete, and survives even the harshest climates. When it comes down to how to choose the best siding for your Denver home, you quickly realize it is a balancing act between good looks, durability, maintenance, and affordability. With wood, vinyl, stone, brick, or stucco, you might get only two or three of those. But with fiber cement, which is a resilient mix of wood pulp and cement, you get all four. It's the only siding that combines the performance of masonry – minimal upkeep; rot-, fire-, and termite-proof; unaffected by wind or cold – with the look of painted wood clapboards, shingles, or even stone or brick.

Fiber cement siding is a relatively new siding in today's market. It is durable, low maintenance, and a certified green product. Whether you live the mountains, the city, or the plains, consider fiber cement siding as an option for your home siding needs. It is better than vinyl or aluminum at emulating natural wood grain, and in some cases it is visually indistinguishable from certain types of wood siding.

Fiber cement siding is durable in all weather conditions. It is finished and installed like wood siding but generally comes primed or prefinished. Wood rot, insect damage, and maintenance headaches are not issues for fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding is also woodpecker proof. For homes in the mountains with possible fire danger, fiber cement siding is the ideal choice because it is non-combustible. In many cases where forest fires have occurred, the only homes left standing were those with fiber cement siding.

Fiber cement siding is a medium priced product, but the lifetime costs, after installation is complete, are very minimal – with painting required very infrequently. No preparation work is normally required before repainting fiber cement siding, as the material is non-expansive and does not hold water. Therefore the paint does not flake or crack.

Need more information before making a siding choice? No worries, we serve all of Colorado, offering inspections and warranties on all of our services. Call Big Creek Roofing and Restoration today at (303) 877-8369 to discuss the specifics of your project. We offer free estimates, and we're happy to discuss specific materials for your Denver business and home siding needs.