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Types of Materials for Your Denver Fencing Needs

June 29, 2016

The type of fence you choose will play a key role in your home’s overall exterior appearance. Depending on the design, it can also provide security and privacy. Before choosing the fence for your Denver home, be sure to have a look at the types of fencing available. Here at Big Creek Roofing and Restoration, we are a small company operating on the various strengths of our employees. We are your local Denver experts on roofing. We can also complete a variety of jobs ranging from siding, windows, decks, fences, light concrete and remodels.

Wood is the most popular type of fence in America. Wood has a rustic appeal and provides a warm, welcoming feeling without breaking the bank. Depending on the style, it can provide privacy as well as being one of the more attractive options on the market. Wood fences can easily last the lifetime of your home.

While wrought iron fences are both strong and beautiful, they do require more upkeep than wood. If you want to maintain its beauty and retard rust, a wrought iron fence needs to be sanded and repainted about every two to three years. Some wrought iron fences are custom made and, therefore, will not be cheap.

Some manufacturers claim that vinyl fences are nearly five times stronger, and four times more flexible, than comparable wood fences. Vinyl fencing is virtually maintenance free and resists paint, allowing you to easily remove graffiti or other stains from the fencing. All you will need is a hose and soap to make it look as good as new. Installing a vinyl fence may have a higher cost up front, but given its low maintenance costs and long lifespan, vinyl fencing is cheaper than many other fencing types.

While chain link fences do not add much privacy to your home, they perform the other basic functions of a fence quite well. They are cheap, durable and need very little maintenance. It's possible to add shrubbery, flowers, vines or even privacy slats on the outside of a chain link fence to increase the privacy margin.

One of the most environmentally friendly, sustainable, and attractive fencing options on the market is bamboo. There are three styles most often used for fencing. Live bamboo, bamboo cane and rolled bamboo. Rolled bamboo and bamboo cane use poles linked together that are a bit sturdier than live bamboo. Live bamboo can grow up to a foot a year, however, you must live in a bamboo-friendly climate, and it can become invasive.

Still not sure what materials to use for your Denver fencing? No worries, we serve all of Colorado, offering inspections and warranties on all of our services. Call Big Creek Roofing and Restoration today at (303) 877-8369 to discuss the specifics of your project. We offer free estimates, and we're happy to discuss specific materials for your Denver business and home fencing needs.