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The Most Common Denver Roofing Problems to Watch For

April 20, 2016

It’s a good idea to have your Denver roof inspected on a regular basis to take care of minor issues before they become major repairs, because roof damage can be a big problem if left unattended. Even minor leaks can cause a lot of damage to the interior of your home if left unrepaired too long, ruining ceilings, insulation, and drywall.

Some the most common roofing problems can start out small, but are best taken care of right away. One of the worst culprits is the sun. The sun’s UV rays can cause an asphalt-shingled roof to deteriorate over time. The shingles dry out, crack and blister, and then come loose from the surface. Once this happens, the materials underneath the shingles are exposed to further damage from the elements.

With the winters in the Denver area, it’s a good idea to check your roof every spring, because snow and ice can take their toll on a roof. When ice and snow melt, the water can make its way under the shingles and flashing. As the water refreezes, it can lift the shingles and flashing, making room for even more water to enter.

There doesn’t necessarily have to be a big storm to have shingles lifted or torn completely off by wind, since even strong gusts on a sunny day can be enough to do damage. Telltale signs of wind damage may be pieces of, or even entire, shingles lying in your yard.

Avoid hammering or using sharp tools on the roof flashing because damage can allow water to enter. Besides flashing damage, the caulking around vent flashing can dry out and shrink, allowing water to get in and damage the underlying materials.

Consider adding screens to the top of your gutters to keep leaves and twigs out because clogged gutters and downspouts can allow water to back up and seep into the eaves, eventually causing rot. Let Big Creek Roofing inspect and clean your gutters at least every fall.

If your attic is too warm in summer, the shingles will bake from the underside and become dry and brittle. Make sure to adequately ventilate your attic.

Big Creek Roofing is your premier roofing company in Denver, specializing in the inspection and maintenance that can extend the life of your roof. We have lived in Colorado all of our lives and pride ourselves on being responsible to our state and our neighbors within it. With us, you will find the knowledge and experience to complete your project ethically, on time and within your budget – whether it's a new project or routine inspection and maintenance.

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