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5 Signs You Need a Denver Roofing Company

An important aspect of home ownership is roof maintenance.  Sometimes it is obvious when roof repair in Denver is needed, but other times you may be unsure. This is where roofing companies in Denver come into the picture to help you quickly and efficiently address a situation. Choosing the right roofing company in Denver can help you when you notice (or don’t!) the following issues:
  1. Leaky roofs: It is never a good day when you look to your ceiling and find a water ring, or when water actually starts to drip. Depending on your type of walls, you may also notice paint starting to bubble due to water coming through. Once this happens, it is crucial to contact a Denver roofer so the situation does not escalate. Leaking roofs can happen for all kinds of reasons. Fresh Home has this handy list of the 10 most common causes of roof leaks. If you experience any of these in your home, be sure to contact roofing companies in Denver, CO to avoid structural damage that can change the value of your home.
  2. Age: Denver roofers can help with preventative maintenance to keep deterioration from happening.  Whether you are moving into a home or are keeping up your current one, think about how old the roof is. Roofs can last about 20 years so if you are coming close to that mark, Denver, CO roof repair can inspect for issues and see when it may need to be replaced.
  3. Shingle issues: One of the easiest ways to see how your shingles are doing is to look in your gutters when you clean them. If old shingles are losing their granules, Denver roofing companies can review to see if repair is needed. Now if you have a new roof and see granules, some loss is normal. Typically older shingles will lose more granules, flake, curl or change color. Inclement weather can remove shingles from the roof that Denver roofers can easily repair.
  4. Roof flashing: Roof flashing combats water from getting through. It is installed around exterior points such as chimneys or skylights, and when damaged or deteriorating, water can come in. Roof repair in Denver, CO can repair this problem and can last 15 to 20 years.
  5. Light passing through: When in a room or space close to the roof, such as an attic, a clear telltale sign of an issue is light coming through. If you can see sunrays in the space, it is time to reach out to roofers in Denver to inspect the scale of the issue.

If you notice any of the issues above with your roof, or have other problems, finding a roofer in Denver, CO is crucial. Big Creek Roofing and Restoration can address any of your Denver roof repair needs from broken shingles and major structural damage to replacement. By choosing this roofer in Denver, you can rest assured your roof will be fixed quickly and your home will be safe to live in. In most cases, Big Creek can complete a roof in one day! Contact us at 303-877-8369 or request a quote today!