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Why You Need Denver Roofers to Do a Roof Inspection This Spring

March 18, 2020

Winter may not be over just yet, but spring will be here before you know it. The warmer weather means snow will be replaced by beautiful new growth. But it also means your roof will be at renewed risk for unexpected leaks and maintenance issues. Unfortunately, the winter weather can be hard on your roof, but scheduling an inspection with your trusted Denver roof repair contractor can help you stay on top of minor issues before they have a chance to cause serious problems. Here are a few reasons to schedule a roof inspection this spring. 

It’s the Perfect Time to Identify Damage
When your roof is covered in leaves in the fall and snow in the winter, seeing what’s going on with your roofing materials can be almost impossible. While it’s possible to remove that buildup, doing so often causes damage to the materials, making matters worse. By waiting until spring, the buildup of snow and debris will be long-gone. That means your roofer will be able to spot damage more quickly so you can get the issues repaired before they have a chance to threaten the safety of your home or the integrity of your roof.

Gives You More Time to Deal with Repairs
Some repairs are urgent and need to get fixed immediately, but other minor repairs can often get put off for a few weeks. While you can wait for summer to roll around, trying to pick a time to take care of repairs when you’re not busy with vacations and summer adventures can be almost impossible. When you schedule an inspection in spring, you’ll find it easier to find a time that works both for you and your roofer. 

Sets You Up for Success
When minor issues are left to sit, they put your roof at risk for serious structural problems. At best, you’ll have more costly roof repairs to deal with later on in the season. At worst, you’ll end up shortening your roof’s lifespan by a few years at least. Scheduling a springtime roof inspection sets you up for a leak-free and low-maintenance summer and fall, but more importantly, it helps keep your roof in good condition so it can last for as long as possible.

It Keeps Your Warranty Intact
Believe it or not, some manufacturer warranties require you to get your roof inspected and maintained every year. If you don’t make time for an inspection, you could end up voiding that warranty. Without that warranty in place, you’re responsible for the full cost of repairs, even if the damage was caused by a faults in the materials themselves. 

Schedule an Inspection Today
Keeping your roof in good shape is as simple as getting it inspected at least twice a year. If you haven’t taken the time to schedule a springtime roof inspection, don’t wait. Call us at (720) 309-9722 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. Our experienced team can help you with everything from minor repairs to full roof replacements and we’ll do our best to get your roof back in shape as quickly as possible.