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What Denver Roofers Want You to Consider When Picking New Gutters

January 22, 2020

It should come as no surprise that your home’s gutter system is vital for your roof’s health and wellbeing. When they’re not working properly, you’re at an increased risk for water damage inside your home. Though gutters can and should last for many years with regular maintenance, you will eventually need to replace them. Before you choose new gutters, your trusted Denver roof repair team wants you to think about these key things.

What Materials Will Work Best
Gone are the days when gutters came in one or two materials and that was that. Now, you have to choose the right option for your home and your budget. Ultimately, it all comes down to appearances and maintenance requirements.

High-quality vinyl gutters are incredibly durable and require no additional repainting or ongoing maintenance to keep them looking great. But they can be a little plain. Copper gutters will add flair to your house, but they’re expensive and require more maintenance than other options. There’s no right or wrong answer here. The gutters that will work best on your house are the ones that you’re not going to mind looking at for years to come.

Think About Color
Assuming you choose stainless steel, vinyl, or aluminum gutters, you’ll need to think about the color you want them to be. This can blend in with your home’s siding if you want to underplay the gutters’ location. But if you’re looking for a way to make your home’s exterior more visually appealing, you can always choose a complementary color that can act as an accent for your siding. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with drawing attention to the gutters. 

Keep in mind that the more eye-catching the color is, the more potential maintenance you’ll need to plan for. As the color fades, you may need to touch it up to keep your gutters looking the way you want them to. 

Consider Your Budget
Some gutters will naturally cost more than others. For example, vinyl gutters are typically cheaper than more durable metal options. But that budget-friendly price comes at a cost: durability. Vinyl just won’t stand up to the harsh UV rays and changing weather conditions as well as metal gutters. This means you’ll end up having to replace those vinyl gutters more often than you would other materials. Even though you’ll end up paying less for them up-front, you could end up paying more over the years. 

Before you make your decision, think about what you’re willing to pay both up-front and in the future. Choose a material that you can afford, but make sure it’s one you’re comfortable maintaining.

Ready to Replace Your Gutters?
Replacing your home’s gutters is something every homeowner will need to do eventually and it’s one project that you should always leave to the pros. If you’re in need of new gutters or simply want an experienced pro to look at your current system, reach out to us today. We’ll help you find the perfect gutter upgrade for your home and your budget.