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Denver Roofing Contractor Explains How to Prioritize Repairs After Winter

December 26, 2019

Winter weather brings a whole slew of different risks for your roof. Ice dams, standing water, and the weight of heavy snow can wreak havoc on your roof. This means that you’ll likely need to hire an experienced Denver roofing contractor to fix the damage after it happens. But prioritizing those repairs can feel daunting at best. If you try to take care of all of them at once, it can put serious strain on your maintenance budget. Instead of trying to get everything done at once, you’ll need to figure out which tasks can wait and which ones need to get taken care of as soon as possible. Here are a few tips to help.

Figure Out the Cause of the Damage
When you find a leak, you’ll need to schedule an inspection with your roofing contractor as soon as possible. Use this to your advantage and let them tell you what they find. They’ll be able to identify the exact cause of the leak and recommend the next steps to take to fix the damage so it doesn’t happen again. Make fixing the cause of the issue your first priority.

Listen to Your Roofer
Roofers know what can and can’t wait. They also understand that your maintenance budget isn’t never-ending. Ask them for advice. They’ll be able to tell you what repairs you should take care of immediately and which ones can wait a month or two. The best thing you can do is listen to their advice and do what they say. Otherwise, you risk making the problem worse and doing more damage to your home.

Don’t Fix Something That Doesn’t Need It
It may seem like common sense, but many homeowners spend money on repairs that just don’t need to happen. The best way to save yourself money and ensure that you take care of the right repairs is to only repair the things that need actual repairs. If you’re repairing something just because it looks rundown, even though it still works, you’re spending money that you could better allocate towards other repairs. Again, this is something your roofer will be able to help you determine. As always, listen to their advice.

Make Use of Your Warranty
Manufacturer’s defects are covered by your roof’s warranty. If you’re paying for repairs that are covered by that warranty, you’re wasting your money. The best thing you can do is get your manufacturer to cover the cost of those repairs for you. This will help free up money for other damage to your house.

Always Work with a Pro
No matter what type of roof damage you think you have, don’t try to fix it on your own. Always contact an experienced roofing contractor and let them assess the damage. Once they do, you’ll have an idea of what needs to get taken care of immediately and what can wait a few months. Don’t wait. Schedule your free residential roofing inspection and estimate with Big Creek Roofing and Restoration as soon as possible.