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Denver Roof Repair Pros Explain Common Bird-Caused Roof Damage

July 10, 2019

When you think of common household pests, birds probably don’t top the list of concerns. After all, they make your property more inviting, add flashes of color on the landscape, and fill the air with their song. But that doesn’t mean all birds are welcome. In fact, many roofing problems your trusted Denver roofers encounter relate to bird damage. That’s right. Birds can hurt your roof’s health just as easily as hailstorms. But if you recognize the signs of damage, you’ll be better able to address the problem quickly. Here’s what you should watch for and why it matters.

Nests in Air Intake Zones and Vents
Your house has some type of ventilation system whether it’s a central AC unit or a roof vent to keep air fresh and circulating inside your attic. Unfortunately, these areas are ideal places for birds to nest and nest they will. Every few weeks during the spring, summer, and fall, walk around the outside of your house and look for nesting materials peeking out from vents and air intake screens. If you see any, call your roofer. The nests are sturdy enough to block airflow from reaching your home and can do damage both to your roof and your HVAC system. 

Birds Hanging Around the Gutters
Just like air intake vents, your gutters make an ideal place for birds to build a nest, especially during the dry season. And those nests WILL clog your gutters, exposing your home to water damage and increasing your risk of leaks. Have your gutters cleaned at least twice during the warmer months. This way, the nests get removed regularly and you won’t have to worry about overflowing gutters and all the water damage that comes with them. Preventative maintenance can make all the difference in keeping the birds away.

Deteriorating Shingles
You likely know that bird droppings can do serious damage to your car’s paint job. But did you know they can do a number on your roofing materials? Bird poo is acidic meaning it slowly eats through whatever surface it lands on. While it’s fine if the poo gets washed off quickly, letting it sit on your shingles can weaken them and shorten the lifespan of the roof itself. Walk around your roof and look for white streaks on the shingles. If you see any, contact your roofer and schedule an inspection. The sooner damaged shingles get replaced, the safer your roof will be.  

You don’t have to get rid of the birds around your home entirely. You just need to be proactive about roof maintenance. At Big Creek Roofing & Restoration, we’re here to help. Our team knows what to do to help you get the most out of your roof year after year. Schedule a free on-site inspection today. We’ll take care of any repairs you need quickly, affordably, and professionally with most repairs taking as little as one day. Don’t wait until you know you have a problem. Contact us today to make an appointment.