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To File or Not to File: Should You File an Insurance Claim for Denver Roof Repair Work?

August 28, 2019

You love your home. That’s why you invest in homeowners insurance. And if you’re like most homeowners, you pay about $94.33 per month in home insurance premiums. Though that’s not a ton of money, it adds up over the course of the year and the thought of that premium going up is enough to make your head spin. So, what happens when you need to hire a Denver roofing company to repair or replace your roof after a severe storm? Should you pay out of pocket or should you file a claim with your insurance company? 

Paying Out of Pocket
Paying out of pocket means you’re paying the full price for repairs yourself. There’s no one to help you cover the expenses and a roof replacement can easily wipe out your savings account. But if the repairs are minor and just a couple hundred dollars, you could be fine paying for it yourself. 

Look at your insurance deductible. Does the cost of repairs meet or exceed your deductible? No? Then pay for the repairs yourself. The last thing you want to do is pay more for repairs by going through your insurance company. And don’t worry…you’ll get a full estimate before any work is done so you’ll be able to make the right decision.

Going with Insurance
If your roof is destroyed or severely damaged, it’s almost always best to file a claim with your insurance provider. Why? Because homeowners insurance doesn’t work like auto insurance. Your rates may go up, but it probably won’t be due to your claim status.

If a severe weather event damaged your roof, it damaged the other homes in your area. This makes the entire neighborhood more expensive to insure and will likely trigger a rate increase even if you don’t file a claim. Homeowners insurance doesn’t determine your premiums the same way auto insurance does. Filing a claim won’t always trigger a rate increase like it would with auto coverage. 

When In Doubt, File
Putting off repairs puts your entire home at risk for worse damage, mold and mildew growth, and even foundation problems. If you’re facing costly roof repairs, the best thing you can do for your house and your budget is to file a claim with your homeowners insurance provider. 

They’ll help you pay for the cost of repairs after you pay the deductible.

Remember, it’s in their best interest to help you fix your home quickly. Leaving issues like roof leaks to sit puts the entire structure at risk for more costly claims. And it’s in your best interest to get things fixed because the more damaged your house is, the more you’ll pay for insurance coverage in the first place. 

Schedule an Estimate
If you’re worried about whether you should file a claim or not, schedule an inspection with our team. We’ll let you know how much the repairs will cost so you can get your claim filed with your insurance company quickly. Contact us online or call (720) 309-9722.