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Painting vs Replacing Your Siding After Denver Roofers Fix Your Water Damaged Roof

August 21, 2019

Water damage from a leaky roof doesn’t just hurt the inside of your home. It can take a toll on the exterior siding. And your siding is one of the first things people see about your house. When it’s in poor condition, it ruins your home’s curb appeal and if you plan on selling in the near future, it can significantly decrease your home’s resale value. After your Denver roof repair team fixes the leak, you’re faced with a decision: to repaint or replace your water-damaged siding. Here’s what you need to know.

Repainting Hides Damage
When you repaint your siding, you’re effectively hiding any existing damage done to the panels. Though it can make your home look nicer, at least in the short term, it won’t address the underlying issues and could expose your home to more water damage, rodents, and pest infestations. Repainting siding should really only be done if the damage is just to the existing paint itself. If the siding is warped or waterlogged, you’re better off replacing it. 

Replacements Cost More
Replacing your siding will always cost more than repainting the exterior of your house. You’re not only buying materials, but you’re also paying for labor to install the siding correctly. But remember, though the upfront cost may be higher than buying a few cans of paint and some rollers, you’ll save money over the years. New siding better protects your home from water damage and is more pest and rodent resistant than older damaged siding. Look at your budget before making your decision. If you choose to repaint, remember that you may have to pay for replacements in a few years anyway.

Replacing Could Save You Money on Electrical Bills
When your leaky roof was repaired, you probably noticed an improvement in your home’s energy efficiency. That temperature-controlled air wasn’t escaping out through a crack or hole and your home stays more comfortable throughout the day. Believe it or not, replacing your siding can help increase your home’s efficiency even more. 

Unless your siding is relatively new already, replacements have better insulating properties, helping keep the elements and the temperatures outside where they belong. The less your heating and cooling system has to work to keep your home comfortable, the less you’ll pay on your utility bill. You could end up recouping the cost of your new siding in as little as a few years. 

Repaint If You’re Selling Soon
Regardless of the type of damage done to your siding, you’ll want to think long and hard about replacing it if you’re planning on selling your house in the near future. It may be worth accepting a lower selling price than to go to the trouble and expense of installing new siding on your home. 

When it comes to your siding, preventative maintenance is key in keeping it looking great for years to come. And that means staying on top of roof repairs and maintenance each year. Schedule your free inspection today and let our team help you keep your home safe from water damage.