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Denver Roofers Explain How Skylights Impact Your Roof

July 3, 2019

Nothing beats natural light in your home, but sometimes your windows just aren’t enough to keep your rooms illuminated and bright. Skylights are a great way to maximize your natural light throughout the day. They get more light, are relatively simple to install, and can add value to your home. But they also put your roof at risk for damage if they’re not installed and maintained properly. Here’s what you need to know. 

Increases Your Risk of Leaks
A roof without skylights is better equipped to stay leak-free. This is because there are no openings, fewer seams, and a stronger layer of roofing material standing between the elements and your home. When you install a skylight or have a roof with them already in place, your home is at increased risk for leaks. Water can seep between the edge where the skylight and the roofing materials meet. From there, it can soak into the sub-roofing and even into your walls. The best way to keep your home safe is to make sure the flashing around the skylights is in good shape and to replace it anytime you see any damage, cracks, or rust. 

More Vulnerable to Storm Damage
Skylights are like windows for your roof. Though they’re durable, the skylights themselves are less resistant to severe weather. Hail, ice, and flying debris can damage the window, leaving you with a cracked view at best and a shattered mess inside at worst. Unless the installation team is extremely cautious, you could end up with a skylight that’s not rated to hold enough weight or to withstand forces common to the Denver metro area. Before you install a skylight, make sure it’s up to snuff. If you’re concerned about its ability to stand up to the annual snowfall and windstorms, save yourself the hassle and stick with regular roofing materials. 

Increased Energy Loss
Your roof is responsible for much of your home’s energy loss. Though insulation can help mitigate the loss and make your home more comfortable throughout the year, it’s normal to see some heat and cooling loss through the attic. Skylights make it worse. This is because they lack the insulation of traditional roofing materials. Instead of a thick layer of fiberglass fill or other material designed to buffer heat and air conditioning, all that temperature controlled air can leach through the skylight. One or two throughout your home won’t change your energy bills significantly. But installing multiple skylights in most of your rooms can. 

Consult with the Pros
Installing skylights in your roof is a major decision. It can make your space feel brighter and more open, but it can have some serious consequences for your roof and your safety. Before you install a skylight, contact the pros at Big Creek Roofing & Restoration. We’ll make sure your roof is equipped to handle the installation and can help make sure any existing skylights are sealed against the elements. If you notice a leak or a problem, we’ll get the damage fixed as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your home in comfort.