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Missing Shingles: 4 Reasons to Contact Your Denver Roofers for Replacement Immediately

June 12, 2019

Your roof protects your house from damage, shielding everything inside from the elements for years at a time. And when it comes to roofing materials, every home is different. But it should come as no surprise that asphalt shingles are by far the most popular across the Denver metro area. Though they’re durable, they are subject to a unique problem: shingles going missing. Missing shingles are more than an eyesore. They’re a hazard that your Denver roof repair team should fix immediately. Here’s why.

Missing Shingles Mean Increased Risk of Leaks
Missing shingles expose the roof underlayment and attic to the elements. When this happens, water and moisture can soak into the materials, increasing your risk of leaks, mold, and mildew growth. And the more missing shingles you have, the higher the risk is. Replacing those shingles as soon as possible keeps your home safe from damage. Remember, even a single rainstorm can create a damaging roof leak if you don’t have the protective layer of shingles in place.

Wood Rot Is a Real Problem
In most homes, the roof structure is framed out in wood. This is a normal part of the building process and when the roof is in good shape, the structure stays solid and strong. But when shingles go missing, water can soak into the wood framework and, over time, that water can lead to wood rot. When this happens, the roof can sag and the attic becomes unsafe. By replacing missing roofing materials as soon as you notice a problem, you’ll prevent costly structural repairs in the future.

Keeps Other Shingles in Place
One missing shingle puts all the others around it at risk for damage. When shingles are in good condition, they lay flush against the roof, protecting each other and sealing the roof against wind and water. But when one goes missing, the others lose that added protection and can end up getting caught by the wind or having water seep between the underlayment and the back of the shingles. This weakens the shingles and makes it easier for them to get loose or fall from the roof. Replacing missing shingles helps keep the others in good shape.

Prevents Insect Infestations
Believe it or not, insects LOVE your attic and they actively look for ways to get inside. Why? Because it’s warm, dry, and the perfect place to nest and gain access to the food supply inside your home. Missing shingles make it easier for them to slip inside, putting your home at risk for infestation. By replacing missing roof materials quickly, you’ll keep insects outside where they belong. 

At Big Creek Roofing & Restoration, we know that missing shingles happen and they happen without warning. If you notice shingles lying in the yard or see a bald patch when you’re relaxing outside, contact us immediately. The sooner we replace those missing shingles, the safer your home will be. We’ll take care of the problem quickly so you can get back to enjoying your home.