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Denver Roofers Share 3 Additional Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim

May 16, 2019

You have homeowners insurance for a reason: to protect your home and make paying for major repairs more financially feasible. And if you’re like most homeowners, you rarely file a claim at all. Doing so can cause your premiums to go up. For most people, filing few claims means being unfamiliar with the claims process in the first place. Your Denver roof repair team wants to help you avoid some of the most common insurance mistakes when filing your claim. And you can only do this if you know what those mistakes are. Here are some of the mistakes we’ve seen this year. 

Relying on Your Insurance Company’s Recommendations
Most homeowners insurance companies have preferred contractors who offer them discounts on their services. This is all in the name of saving the insurance company money and might not be in your best interest. Instead of relying on your insurance company’s recommendations, it’s always best to work with a contractor you know and trust. Don’t worry—your insurance company has to let you work with the contractor of your choice. If you’re not comfortable with the contractor they recommend, get a second opinion.

Making a Decision Based on Price Alone
Once your insurance company provides you with a check to cover the cost of the repairs, it’s tempting to work with a contractor who provides an estimate smaller than the check. After all, anything left over is yours to keep. Unfortunately, this often causes more harm than good. With roofing, you get what you pay for. Cheaper contractors are often inexperienced or won’t stand behind their work. Instead, choose a contractor you feel you can trust, even if it costs a little more. Remember, your roof is the first line of protection against the elements. If it’s not repaired correctly, you’ll be in for more damage in the future. 

Not Scheduling an Inspection Before Talking to Your Insurance Company
As soon as you know there’s a problem, it’s tempting to speak with your insurance provider immediately. And while this may be ideal when dealing with a car insurance claim, it’s not the best idea for a homeowners insurance claim. Insurance companies like to pay out as little as they can. This means they’ll often try to minimize the extent of the damage or claim that the damage wasn’t related to a qualifying event. 

By working with a roofing contractor before you speak with your insurance company, you’ll know exactly how bad the damage is. They’ll help you compile the necessary documentation to prove the extent of the damage to your insurance provider. This means you’ll get more out of the claim than you otherwise would.

Don’t Let Damage Sit
If you’re worried about working with your insurance company or filing a homeowners insurance claim in the first place, make sure you have all the information you need. Schedule an estimate and roof inspection with our team and give your roof the care it deserves. We’ll help make sure your insurance adjuster gives you a fair claim.