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Denver Roofers Explain Why You Need to Hire a Pro for Asbestos Removal

May 9, 2019

These days, we all know that asbestos is dangerous. But it used to be an incredibly common building material. In fact, it was in use until 1989 when the government finally issued a ban on asbestos in most building materials. Though it’s not used in new buildings, many older homes still have an asbestos problem. And for most of those homes, it’s found in one spot: the roof. Unlike many home improvement tasks, asbestos abatement is always best left to the pros. Here’s why you should hire a Denver roof repair expert for the job.

Keeps You Safe
In small amounts, asbestos can lead to severe upper respiratory aggravation. But if you’re exposed to the material over time and inhale large quantities of it, you could develop far more severe health complications. Worse, you can accidentally spread the material throughout the house. By hiring a professional, you’ll keep both yourself and the rest of your household safe and healthy.

Guarantees Proper Removal
Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s incredibly likely you’ll leave asbestos behind. This means your home won’t be as safe as it should be. By letting an experienced abatement team handle the job, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that every bit of asbestos is safely removed and taken off your property. They’ll even be able to test your house to make sure it’s safe before wrapping the project up for good.

Saves You Money
Asbestos abatement requires a lot of equipment to get the job done right. There are fans, tarps, tools, and safety gear needed as well as transportation and containment gear required once you get the materials out of your house. This can cost you thousands of dollars on top of the time you’d spend doing the work on your own. By hiring a professional, you’ll end up saving money and time. You’ll pay a flat fee for the work and won’t have to worry about paying upfront for equipment that you’ll only use once.

They Handle Disposal
Once you remove the asbestos-contaminated materials, you need to dispose of them properly. And that means taking them to a dedicated hazardous waste center. You can’t just load up the back of a pickup truck and head to your local dump. Pros handle the disposal for you and always make sure the materials are properly contained and taken care of. Unless handled correctly, asbestos can seep into the water supply, hurt unsuspecting landfill workers and animals alike.  

No homeowner wants to wonder if their house is safe for their family, but if you don’t know what to look for, you might be sitting on a bunch of hazardous materials. If your house was built before 1989 and you believe you may have asbestos in the building, don’t put the removal off any longer. Schedule an inspection with our experienced contractors and let us help you get rid of those hazardous materials lurking in your home. We promise to take care of the job quickly so you can focus on enjoying your home.