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Denver Roofers Explain How to Get Your Business’s Roof Ready for Warmer Weather

February 27, 2019

Warmer weather is just around the corner. And while that means snow and hail are less of an issue, it also means your commercial roof will face different threats. After a long and cold winter, it’s always best to give your roof a little TLC before spring hits in earnest. The sooner you take care of it, the less likely you’ll be to need a Denver roofing company to make emergency repairs. Here are a few simple tasks that will get your roof ready for warmer weather quickly and easily.

Inspect for Visible Wear and Tear
Before spring is in full swing, head up to your commercial roof and inspect it for visible signs of damage. Look for standing pools of water across the surface. Make sure the materials lie flush with the surface. And inspect your gutters and drainage areas for rust and corrosion. This can be a sure-fire sign of water damage and the sooner it’s taken care of, the less risk you’re at for extensive roof repairs.

Check Your Attic
Even flat roofs have attic space where air can circulate to keep the roof in good condition. Before spring starts, inspect these areas for signs of leaks and water damage. See if the air smells like mildew and look for signs of mold growth. Inspect the ceiling tiles beneath the space for discoloration and schedule a professional repair immediately if anything seems out of place. If these minor leaks are addressed before the spring rains start, you’ll keep your building leak-free longer. 

Check the Roof Flashing 
Roof flashing is a protective metal strip that seals the seams around vents, skylights, and other protrusions on your roof. When it’s damaged, water can make its way between the seams and into your building, putting your building and your business at risk. Take a look at the flashing. If any part of it is lifting up or is cracked, schedule a repair immediately. Leaving damaged flashing in place, even for a few months, puts your entire roof at risk for worse damage.

Schedule a Professional Inspection
The best way to prevent damage and get your roof ready for everything that warmer weather can throw its way is to schedule a professional inspection. During the inspection, your contractor will look at everything from the materials to the interior of your building to check for signs of water damage. If anything looks worn or needs to be replaced, they’ll take care of it quickly. They’ll also be able to take care of preventative maintenance, removing existing hazards to keep your roof in good shape throughout the spring and summer. 

Keeping a commercial roof in good shape doesn’t have to be a challenge. It just takes a little awareness and willingness to keep an eye on its overall condition. Schedule your spring roof inspection today and let our experienced contractors make sure your building is ready for warmer weather. If anything needs to be repaired or replaced, we’ll take care of the job quickly and on-budget. Contact us today to make an appointment.