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4 Ways Letting Denver Roofers Install a New Roof Helps Your Home

November 21, 2018

Every roof, no matter how well-maintained, will eventually need to be replaced by an experienced Denver roofing company. Materials break down, leaks start to happen frequently, and the once-vibrant colors fade, leaving your home looking less pristine. While installing a new roof may seem like a major home improvement project that most homeowners would rather avoid, replacing the old materials can benefit your home in ways you might not expect. Here’s how:

Better Energy Efficiency

Older roofs often lack the proper amount of insulation to keep your home comfortable year-round. Even if it has enough insulation, the worn down materials can lead to major energy loss as heat escapes out the attic in winter and settles in the space during the summer. This forces your HVAC system to work overtime just to keep your home comfortable. Over the course of the year, you’ll likely see an increase in heating and cooling costs. Replacing your roof ensures that your home has the right amount of insulation and will make your home more energy efficient. 

Improves Property Value

If you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, an old roof won’t do you any favors. In fact, it might even deter prospective buyers from purchasing the house. Old roofs inherently mean more frequent repairs and if a buyer has to budget for a replacement soon after they buy the home, you’ll likely have to sell the house at a sub-par price. By replacing the roof ahead of time, you’ll increase the value of your property and make it more appealing to buyers considering your neighborhood. 

Reduces the Likelihood of Mold and Mildew

Roof leaks are a major hazard, but they’re not the only way that water damage can impact your house. Even old or very minor leaks increase the relative humidity of the attic space. Over time, this can lead to mold and mildew growth throughout the attic and even in your walls. Though mildew is mostly an eyesore, mold can lead to major health problems, especially if anyone in your family has an existing upper respiratory condition like asthma or allergies. New roofs are less likely to leak, thus reducing your risk of mold and mildew growth. 

Puts You in Control of the Look

When you purchased your house, it probably already had a roof installed. Well, it should anyway. Unfortunately, the materials chosen by the previous owner may not fit your unique aesthetic preferences. Scheduling a roof replacement gives you the chance to further personalize your home’s exterior. You can pick the materials and colors that you want rather than relying on someone else’s sense of design. 

Putting off a roof replacement can lead to more significant damage to the rest of your home. Rather than waiting another year or two to replace your roof, stay on top of repairs by scheduling an estimate. At Big Creek Roofing & Restoration, we’ll help you keep your roof in good shape whether you’re in need of simple repairs or want to upgrade to new asphalt shingles. Call (720) 309-9722 or contact us online to schedule a free inspection and quote.