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Denver Roofers Offer Tips for Getting Your Skylights Ready for Winter

October 31, 2018

Natural light has a number of benefits. It can make your home more inviting, improve productivity, and reduce your energy bills. Nothing helps more than incorporating skylights into the house. While they can add beautiful lighting to your space, they’re also a major point of vulnerability both for your roof and your home when winter rolls around. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to reduce the number of repair appointments you schedule with your Denver roof repair team. Here’s how to prepare your skylights for the coming winter.

Clean the Surface

Cloudy skylights won’t let in much light, and the wind and rain common in fall can leave dirty deposits on the glass. Take the time to clear away the dirt and debris carefully. Gently brush away large twigs and leaves to prevent scratching. Then, wipe the surface clean with soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Make sure to clean the inside of the skylight as well to ensure that you get the most natural light possible. Take care to also clean the framing material. If you have questions about the best cleaners to use for the specific frame type, contact your contractor.

Inspect the Surface for Cracks

Cracked glass can trap moisture and when the temperatures drop, this could lead to worse damage both to the glass and the frame of the skylight. After cleaning the glass, inspect the surface and frame for any damage. Look for small pits in the material, lift-up around the flashing, and anything else that looks out of place. If you notice any damage, schedule a repair appointment with your roofer as soon as possible. 

Pay Attention to the Roof Around It

When the skylight is in good condition, the roofing materials surrounding the opening should also be in good shape. However, if the shingles or flashing around the skylight are damaged, there could be an increased risk of roof leaks around the opening. Inspect the shingles for abnormal wear and tear. If you see that the shingles are curling, notice bare spots on the surface where protective granules have worn away, or the roof feels spongy, call your roofer immediately. The sooner damage is taken care of, the less likely it is for snow and rain to start falling inside your home. 

Keep It Clear

Winter snows can be particularly hazardous for skylights. When the white stuff collects on the window, it can clog the drainage area around it, exposing the roof to excessive moisture levels. After heavy snowfall, make sure the snow is properly melting off the roof around the skylight. If not, clear it away and schedule an inspection with your roof repair specialist to make sure the materials are still in good condition.

Your skylights impact the condition of your roof. Keep them sealed and properly maintained with help from Big Creek Roofing & Restoration. Our experienced contractors will make sure your skylights are ready to handle everything winter can throw their way. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for a fall preventative maintenance appointment.