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4 Fall Maintenance Tasks Denver Roofers Should Take Care of Before Winter

October 24, 2018

Fall is finally here and that means it’s time to get your roof ready for everything winter can bring. Though some maintenance tasks can be left until spring, others absolutely must be taken care of during fall to keep your roof watertight and your house safe from the elements. Your experienced Denver roof repair team wants to help. We’ve put together a simple list of maintenance tasks that should be taken care of before the snows start to fall. 

Prepare Gutters Before Winter

Even after the leaves fall from the trees, your gutters will still be collecting debris. This debris holds moisture and, in winter, that moisture can freeze, damaging both the gutters and your roof. Worse, when the gutters are clogged with ice and debris, snow melt will have nowhere to drain off. This can result in ice dams and significant water leaks in your attic. By cleaning out your gutters after fall, you’ll reduce the risk of ice buildup inside the gutter system while also ensuring that runoff from snowstorms can safely flow to the designated drainage area.

Repair Your Flashing

Flashing is a protective metal layer that covers seams in your roof. Prior to the first snowfall, have your Denver roof repair team inspect your flashing for damage. If anything is loose or missing, make sure to take care of the repairs quickly. Missing flashing allows moisture inside your roof. Over time, this can increase the risk of leaks, mold and mildew growth, and structural damage to the walls of your home. By replacing worn or damaged flashing, you’ll keep those seams sealed against the elements and greatly reduce the risk of water damage in your attic, sub-roofing, and walls. 

Take Care of Preventative Tree Trimming

Heavy snowfall puts significant strain on your trees. If any of the limbs are damaged or overburdened with snow, they can snap and fall on your house and your yard. Even a small branch can do serious damage to your roofing materials. Try to schedule a preventative tree trimming appointment with an experienced arborist prior to the first snow. They’ll be able to safely remove any low-hanging limbs from the area around your roof and your house. 

Schedule a Full Roof Inspection

Most roof damage is difficult for homeowners to notice until the problems have progressed. Stay on top of repairs by scheduling a preventative fall roof inspection ahead of time. During the inspection, your roofers will check the exterior, inspect the materials for damage, and examine the attic for any signs of water damage or moisture intrusion. If anything is amiss, they’ll be able to make the repairs before the winter weather turns a simple repair into a costly roof replacement.

At Big Creek Roofing & Construction, we believe the best roof is a well-maintained roof. By staying on top of maintenance and repairs, especially before the winter weather hits, you’ll keep your roof in great shape for many years to come. Whether you’re worried about existing damage or simply want to schedule an inspection before fall, we’re ready to help. Call (720) 309-9722 to schedule a free onsite estimate.