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Fall Commercial Roof Maintenance Checklist From Denver Roofers

October 3, 2018

Fall is the perfect time to start thinking about getting your business ready for everything winter can bring. Before you know it, the snow will be here and getting on top of your fall roof maintenance will help keep your business running smoothly once the seasons change. Denver roofing companies know that commercial roofs face a lot of strain and stress during the colder months, but there are a few things you can do to give your roof a fighting chance. We’ve put together a simple fall checklist to keep you on track with roof maintenance before the first snow falls. 

Clear Away Debris

Fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris collect on all roofs, but are more likely to stay where they fall on flat commercial roofing systems. This means you’ll want to head up to the roof to sweep away the debris rather than leaving it to a strong gust of wind. Doing so could damage your roof or make existing problems worse. 

Check for Visible Signs of Wear or Damage

Though flat roofs are durable, the constant exposure to heat and sun can damage the protective membrane, putting the building at risk for water damage during heavy snowfalls. Walk the roof and look for any signs of visible damage. Make note of anything that seems out of place, any areas where the membrane is bubbling up, or cracks in the sealant and flashing. This will help your roofing contractor know what to expect when you schedule a fall maintenance appointment. 

Don’t Neglect the Interior 

One of the best ways to stay on top of roof damage and water leaks is to regularly inspect the inside of your building. Look for discoloration in the paint, warped ceiling tiles, visible drips of water, and mildew on the walls. If you notice anything, schedule an inspection and roof repair appointment immediately. The sooner you take care of even minor leaks, the better off your building will be. 

Let Your Roofer Know About Pooling Water

Pools of water are incredibly common even on well-maintained flat roofs. However, they should not be ignored. A few hours after an afternoon rain, head up to the roof to check for any pools of water collecting on the surface. Make a note of their location and tell your roofer where they’re located. Though they may not be doing damage immediately, knowing where those potential problem areas are can help expedite future roof repair keep your roof in better condition come winter. 

Schedule an HVAC Tune-Up

Roof-mounted HVAC systems are efficient, but they need to be properly maintained to protect your roof from excess moisture and damage. Before the seasons turn, schedule a tune-up with your HVAC service provider to make sure the unit is working properly. If the technician identifies any coolant leaks or moisture buildup in the unit, have it repaired immediately.

Fall is the perfect time to take care of your commercial roof and Big Creek Roofing & Construction wants to help. Schedule a free estimate with our experienced contractors and let us handle the maintenance work so you can focus on running your business.