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Why Attic Insulation is Important For Your Roof

August 15, 2018

When it comes to keeping your home in good condition, you know that a well-maintained roof is key. However, there’s more to keeping your roofing system in shape than simply addressing damage to the shingles or repairing leaks as they happen. In fact, keeping your insulation in good condition is just as important and vital to the overall comfort and safety of the house. Your experienced Denver roof repair team explains why attic insulation is so important both for the house and your roof.

Makes the House Efficient

When an attic is properly insulated, it works to keep temperatures in the space more consistent. This, in turn, helps your HVAC system run more efficiently, saving you money on both heating and cooling costs. Think of the attic as a buffer zone between the outdoors and the rest of your home. With the right amount of insulation, the buffer zone stays reasonably cool during the summer and warm during the winter. The less heat that enters the attic during the summer, the less your AC system has to work to cool the upper levels of the house. Similarly, the more warmth that the attic holds in during the winter, the less your heater needs to run to keep up with the cooler temperatures.

Keeps Moisture and Condensation Out

Uninsulated or under-insulated attics can get damp easily. When a space is not properly insulated, small cracks and gaps between the roofline and the attic allow moisture to build up inside. Increased levels of moisture lead to increased risk of mold, mildew, and wood rot. When insulation is added and the place is properly sealed off from the elements, your risk for water damage and other issues goes down significantly. Remember, mold and mildew can lead to upper respiratory problems, making the home unsafe to live in when left to spread.

Preserves Your Roof

The roofing materials are exposed to the elements constantly. While they’re designed to withstand heat from above, they can warp when the attic gets too warm and damp. The more warped shingles or subroofing gets, the more likely it is that your home will suffer from water damage. Unfortunately, when left unrepaired, the warping can often only be fixed by a full roof replacement. Simply installing new materials over the warped subroofing and underlayment only increases the frequency of needed repairs. While warping can happen when a roof is properly insulated, it is far less likely and will help keep your roof in good condition for many years to come.

The only way to determine if your attic has enough insulation is to schedule a roofing inspection with a professional contractor. At Big Creek Roofing & Restoration, our dedicated roofers will thoroughly inspect the exterior and interior of your roofing system for damage and overall insulation levels to determine what your roof really needs. We believe that roof repairs should benefit the safety of your home and will only make a recommendation if your home truly needs the work. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.