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3 Signs It’s Time to Call Denver Roofers to Address Sun Damage

July 25, 2018

Summer is here and that means more of the weather Denver is so well-known for: sunny days. While beautiful and ideal for enjoying a hike in the woods, the sun can take its toll on your house. For most homeowners, the most easily damaged area of their home is the roof and the sun’s harsh rays can do a number on your roofing materials. While an experienced Denver roof repair company will be able to fix the damage, it’s important that you know what to look for when deciding if it’s time to schedule an appointment. Here are a few of the tell-tale signs of sun damage to look for on your Colorado roof.

Warped Shingles

Because Denver is at such a high altitude, there’s less atmosphere acting as a protective barrier between your roof and the sun’s rays. This causes your shingles to heat up quickly day after day. The longer this cycle continues, the more likely it is that your shingles will start warping. Though warped materials are more common on older roof systems, they can happen on any house. Periodically walk around the exterior of your home and inspect the roof from the ground. If it appears that the slope is not even or you notice areas where the shingles are starting to bubble up, call your roofing contractor immediately.

The Shingles Are Fading

When constantly exposed to the elements, your shingles will eventually lose their color. This is because they act as a barrier against the sun’s damaging UV rays which slowly but surely leaching the color out of the roof. The more faded the shingles are, the more sun damage the roof has sustained. Inspect your roof both in full sun and on an overcast day. Though this is only a cosmetic issue, it could become a problem if you live in a neighborhood with a particularly picky homeowner’s association. If they take issue with the color of your roof, you may be asked to replace the shingles before the roof is due for an upgrade.

You’re Experiencing Leaks During Rainstorms

Since sun damage slowly causes your roofing materials to deteriorate, you’ll likely start to notice an increase in leaks as the roof becomes more damaged. If you’ve noticed signs of sun damage or are worried that your roof could be fading, be proactive. Check your attic after each major rainstorm and make sure there’s no sign of water on the rafters or along the floor. If you notice anything or feel that the space is more humid than usual, schedule a roof inspection with your contractor. The sooner you catch a leak, the less damage the water can do to your house.

Whether you’ve noticed the signs of sun damage on your roof or you’re worried about the age of your roof system, having it professionally inspected and repaired is vital to the safety of your home. Don’t put off an inspection until you have an active leak. Contact Big Creek Roofing and Restoration to schedule an inspection today.