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How to Keep Your Landscaping Safe When Working With Denver Roofers

June 27, 2018

Summer is the perfect season to take care of lingering Denver roof repair issues. However, if you’re like most homeowners, your landscaping and garden beds are already in full bloom, producing beautiful flowers and blooms that brighten the exterior. For most people, a thriving garden and landscape poses a unique challenge when it comes to taking care of roof leaks. After all, even the cleanest and most well organized roof repair project poses a risk to your flowers. Here are a few simple things you can do to better protect your home’s yard and landscaping during roof repairs.

Cover Sensitive Items

Covering your delicate flowers or sensitive areas of your garden can go a long way towards protecting the bed from falling roofing materials. Use standard outdoor tarps to create a barrier between the roofing materials and the flowers themselves. For added protection, you may want to install rigid supports beneath the tarp to keep the material taut and allow it to better absorb impacts.

Walk the Perimeter With Your Roofing Contractor

Whether you’ve filed a homeowner’s insurance claim or are simply addressing a leak, your roofing contractors will do everything they can to protect your home’s exterior from damage. However, if you have particular areas of concern, point them out to the contractor before they start working on the roof. The more aware they are of sensitive areas or places you’re most worried about, the better prepared they’ll be to keep your exterior in good condition.

Take Care of the Pavement

Your landscaping is only one part of your home’s exterior that needs protecting during roof repairs. In fact, even light roofing materials when falling from height can damage your driveway and pavement. Make sure the areas of the pavement that are at-risk are covered by either plywood or thick rubber sheeting. This will cushion the impact from any falling materials and keep your pavement in good condition.

Understand What They’ll Clean Up

Leaving fallen roof materials where they lie can damage your grass and garden bed. While most contractors will take care to clean up after the repairs are made, it’s important that you understand precisely which aspects of the cleanup they’re responsible for. If you’re worried about a particular type of debris, take the time to ask them about how they’ll handle the disposal. Even after they’re done with the job, you’ll want to inspect your yard and pick up any remaining waste that may have been accidentally left behind.

Keep Touchup Paint Handy

It’s not uncommon for the siding close to the roof to get scratched here and there during a roof replacement, no matter how careful the crew is. Rather than being upset by a scratch in the paint, keep a bit of the paint on hand so you can touch it up as needed. This way, your home’s exterior will look great, no matter how extensive the roof repairs are.

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