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3 Common Issues That Lead to Summertime Roof Repair in Denver, CO

May 22, 2018

Summer is the perfect time to relax, spend time outside, and enjoy the great outdoors. However, while the weather in Denver is typically pleasant during the summer months, it doesn’t mean you’re in the clear for roof work and repair. Believe it or not, the warmest time of year can still wreak havoc on your shingles, forcing you to schedule inspections with your Denver roofers even when the snow and hail are long-gone. Here are a few of the most common threats summertime brings to your roof and how you can mitigate the damage.

Extreme Heat

Living at high elevations means your roof has less atmosphere protecting it from the sun. While it’s not ordinarily a problem, the sun can still do a number on your shingles. Since most shingles are dark, they absorb the heat from the sun quickly and easily. On especially bright and warm days, the heat can cause the shingles to warp or bubble. Over time, this loosens the protective granules on the surface of the shingles, causing them to slough off in rain storms or windy conditions. Once the shingles lose their granules, your risk of water leaks and roof damage increases significantly. The easiest way to prevent extensive heat damage is to schedule regular roof inspections with your roofing contractor. This way, you’ll be on top of the damage and can replace worn shingles before leaks happen in the first place.

Dry Conditions

Denver may not seem like a desert environment, but it actually is. The humidity in the air throughout most of the summer is relatively low and rainfall totals for the year can be as little as eight inches. While this makes it great for hiking, running, and getting outside, it can be a problem for your roofing materials. Shingles, like most building materials need a bit of added humidity in order to last as long as possible. Without humidity, the materials dry out and become brittle, making them more vulnerable to impact damage from hail and falling tree limbs. Though you can’t control the weather, you can reduce the risk of damage by using an in-house humidifier. This will help keep your attic space at proper humidity levels and may reduce the damage done to the roof underlayment and structure.

Surprise Storms

The saying “if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes,” holds true for Denver year-round. What may start out as a beautiful sunny morning could turn to a severe storm in a matter of minutes. These storms carry with them the increased risk of roofing damage due to wind gusts and falling debris. The best way to reduce your risk of roof repairs is to take preventative measures around your home and landscaping. Schedule a tree trimming appointment to get rid of potentially problematic branches and make sure the roofing materials are all sitting flush against the roofline. If the wind can’t get beneath the shingles, they’ll last far longer and continue to protect your home more thoroughly.

Worried about your roof’s readiness for summer weather? Schedule a residential roof inspection with our roofing team. We’ll make sure your roof is ready to handle everything that summer can bring. Contact us today for a free quote.