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Denver Roofing Company Explains the Pros and Cons of Installing New Roofs Before Listing Your House

May 9, 2018

Before you put your house up for sale, there are a lot of things you need to do to get the property ready. While cleaning up the landscaping and repainting the exterior will make the house look more inviting to prospective buyers, it may not increase your home’s resale value or sell the home more quickly. However, replacing your roof with a new system may both allow you to increase your asking price and make the house more appealing to buyers before they even walk through the door. Here are a few of the pros and cons of having Denver roofers install a new roof before you sell your home.

The Pros

Boosts Buyer Confidence

The roof is one of the first things prospective homebuyers notice about houses they’re interested in. If the roofing materials look worn or in disrepair, it often makes them question whether the interior of the house is even worth touring. Replacing the roof makes your entire home appear to be in better condition, instilling confidence that the inside of your house is just as well-cared-for as the outside.

Spares You Inspection Headaches

Inspectors, like homebuyers are always keen to look at the condition of the roof as part of the final home inspection before closing. If they see anything wrong or notice that the shingles look warped, cracked, or damaged, they’ll report their findings to the buyers. Depending on the agreement you and the buyers reach, you may be responsible for fixing the damage anyway. By installing a new roof before you list your home, you’ll save yourself the headache at closing.

Gives You Peace of Mind

You can never predict how long your home will be on the market. This means you may end up staying in the property longer than you anticipated or leaving the house unoccupied after you buy a new home. When the roof is in poor condition, water leaks are always a concern. By replacing the roof before you sell, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your house is safe from the elements even if you’re not living in it.

The Cons

You May Not Make Up The Whole Cost

Though a new roof may increase your home’s resale value, you probably won’t be able to make up for the entire cost of the installation. On average, new roofs increase resale value enough to allow you to recover approximately 68 percent of the cost of installation. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may be more beneficial for you to settle on a slightly lower selling price rather than investing in a new roof for a home you won’t be living in.

Can Be Inconvenient

Any major construction project can be a hassle, especially if you’re already juggling packing, moving, cleaning, and searching for a realtor. Replacing a roof is no different. Though your roofing company will work to have the job done as quickly as possible, it won’t be done overnight.

If you’re considering installing a new roof before you sell your house, contact Big Creek Roofing and Restoration to schedule an inspection. Our dedicated crew will tell you whether your home can benefit from a full replacement or just a minor repair. Call (720) 309-9722 for a free estimate today.