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Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs to be Repaired by a Denver Roofing Company

March 14, 2018

You may not realize it, but when your commercial roof is in need of repair, it can negatively impact your building in several ways. As you have several other priorities on your plate, having a guide and help from your local Denver roofing company will keep you covered. Watch out to see if your place of business is experiencing any of these four issues so you know to reach out for help.

Interior Leaks

One of the tell-tale signs your commercial roof has a problem is leaks on the inside. You may notice water spots on the ceiling of the highest level. These stains may be round but could also be a variety shapes. Water spots will be an off color, usually a tan or grey. Water can also make its way down walls, too. In extreme cases when these is an excess of water, you will see bubbles, which are pockets of water. This is an urgent sign that your building has an issue. These leaks can arise from a variety of issues including, improper insulation, cracks in flashing, holes, and more. Make sure you learn how to tell the age of a water spot on a ceiling.

Increase in Heating/Cooling Bill

Your heating and cooling bills will fluctuate throughout the year. It’s natural for some months to be more or less than others. However, it is important for you to watch your bills closely for abnormal spikes that become consistent. Over time when there are leaks or other issues with your roofing, air begins to creep into your establishment. This causes your heating and cooling system to be in a perpetual state of playing catch up! Unfortunately, this will only get worse with time if not treated—which also hurts your bottom line.

Flashing Damage

Leaks and damage to your roof is not the only issue that will require you to reach out to your local roofer for help. It is important to inspect the condition of your building’s flashing for issues. Flashing plays an integral role to your roof’s health as it is the metal put into place around joining areas and corners. For instance, this is what keeps your chimney, vents and corners from letting air or water from leaking in. Over time, the outdoor weather and elements will create wear and tear on its construction. Since you may not be able to see all areas, you can work with your roofer to help ensure your flashing is intact, or if repairs are needed.

Gutter Issues

Gutters are another crucial element to your commercial roof’s overall health. When gutters become clogged, they do not properly allow water to flow away from the building. Any sitting of water on your roof if it has nowhere to go is problematic. Water near the foundation of the building can lead to structural issues. Plus, it can be a costly fix if they are weighed down to the point of breaking. If you notice water is not properly flowing away from your building due to damaged gutters or spouts, contact your roofer as soon as possible.

To ensure your roof’s health, make sure you have it inspected at least once every five to 10 years. Big Creek Roofing and Restoration is your go-to roofer that will inspect your space for any damage, and make all appropriate fixes needed. We’ll take care of the hard work, so you can focus on your main priority—your business! Be sure to learn how roofers in Denver explain the importance of cleaning your commercial roof, and call us at 720-309-9722 to see how we can help.