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5 Signs Your Roof May Have Asbestos From Your Trusted Denver Roof Repair Team

February 14, 2018

When you think of asbestos, you likely picture old houses and outdated building materials. While modern building and roofing materials are designed with your health and safety in mind, this was not always the case. Though asbestos was banned for use in building materials in the 1980s, many older homes still have traces of the material inside the attic, walls, and overall structure. So, should you be worried about asbestos in your home? Your trusted Denver roofers share a few signs to look for.

The Home was Built Before 1980

Roofing materials produced and used prior to 1980 were often made using asbestos. If you still have the original roof on your house or aren’t sure when the roof was last replaced, you’ll want to schedule a roof inspection. Experienced roofers know what to look for in the shingles, flashing, and tiles to make sure the material does not pose a hazard to you and your family. If asbestos is found, you’ll want to schedule an asbestos abatement appointment and may want to let your roofer replace your roof.

The Original Underlayment is in Place

The roofing underlayment helps protect your home from water intrusion, reducing the risk of leaks and mold growth. However, in older homes and older roofs, the underlayment was often comprised of asbestos-laden roofing felt. Though the material is highly insulating, it’s also dangerous as particles go airborne once the material degrades. Because of health concerns, most roofing companies take care to use only asbestos-free roofing felt.

White Insulation Around Pipes and the Attic Floor

One of the main purposes of asbestos was insulation. The fibrous material was especially good at keeping exterior temperatures out of your home while also reducing the risk of fires inside the attic area. If you notice white string-like insulation along ventilation pipes and in between the rafters, contact a professional and let them inspect the material. They’ll be able to tell you if the insulation is safe to leave in place or if you need to have it removed.

The Seller Didn’t Disclose Information

When you buy an older home, the previous owner may not always disclose the presence of asbestos. After all, they may be completely unaware of what was used when the home was built. If the house was built pre-1980 and the seller did not include any information about asbestos, schedule an inspection. There’s a chance that they handled the abatement process on their own, but if they’re not the original owner, they may not know themselves.

The Gutters and Siding Are Original

Asbestos was also used in siding and gutter material. If the gutters have never been replaced or the siding on your home is original, there’s a good chance the materials contain asbestos. However, if the gutters were installed after 1980 or the siding has since been replaced, you shouldn’t have to worry. Once the federal ban was in place, reputable manufacturers and roofers ceased using asbestos completely in all applications.

If you’re worried about the possibility of asbestos in your roofing materials, contact Big Creek Roofers. Our experienced contractors will inspect your roof for signs and help you find a solution to get rid of this hazardous material once and for all.  Call us today at (720) 309-9722.