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Elements of Modern Homes and Using Denver Roofers to Enhance Your Space

January 17, 2018

Modern homes have roots dating back to the early 1930s thanks to architects such as Charles M. Goodman. Single-story, ranch style, modern homes gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. What are known as mid-century modern homes have split-levels and many elements that set them apart from traditional homes. Learn about interior elements, outdoor features, and working with Denver roofers to tie into a modern theme.

Interior Elements

Modern homes are often known for their linear traits and symmetry. Rooms have walls that flow in a specific fashion. There may be other lines within the space that can run parallel or in an opposite direction.  Décor and colors are simple. Walls are plain, sometimes adding in a vibrant color accent wall or accent wallpaper. Modern homes are simplistic, but that does not mean they are plain. They are often clutter free. Furniture is linear and can be paired with curtains and window treatments that have a bold pop of color. A great way to complement this style and add style is to add abstract art. You can visit your local art store or look online for perfect pieces.

Outside Features

Modern homes often have a simple outdoor appearance. Often single-story ranches, they often have subway tile/stone exteriors that are linear in fashion. But not all modern homes are single story. Others are two-stories, and they are rectangular in fashion. Rectangular shapes are key and siding is often horizontal in fashion. You may have a second story room that pops out a little further than the first story. They may mix and match stone and wood to mix up the feeling. For porches and second floor decks, they are often paired with metal, sleek barriers. Landscaping for modern homes is often simplistic without too much clutter highlighting the exterior. Learn more about modern design to better taper the style to your wants.


Modern homes are known for having low pitch roofing. It is also common for there to be a large overhang with exposed rafters as well. Not only do low pitch or low slope roofs have great aesthetic appeal, but they come with many benefits, too. Their almost even surface makes it easy to do routine maintenance in a safe manner. In some cases, you can even create outdoor spaces with your low slope roofing as it has a flat surface. Consider adding a rooftop deck with a modern fence around it! Low slope roofing also tends to be a more cost-effective solution as there is less material to work with.

When it comes to all of your modern home needs and roofing renovations, Big Creek Roofing and Restoration has you covered. Our Denver residential roofing services are ideal to ensure you have efficient roofing that keeps your home protected. We have three major categories of shingles that will meet any of your modern roofing needs. Explore your options and contact us today at 720-309-9722. From quick shingle repairs to complete installations, you can count on us to quickly and efficiently get the job done!