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Will Homeowners’ Insurance Cover the Cost of Denver Roof Repair?

January 10, 2018

Many homeowners that spot a leak in their roof assume that their homeowners’ insurance policy will cover the cost of repairs. But unfortunately, that’s never a safe assumption to make. The exact terms of a homeowners’ insurance policy will vary from person to person, but it’s important to learn when Denver roof repair is typically covered by insurance and when it’s not. Here’s what you need to know:

The Cause of the Roof Leak

Before approving or denying a claim, the insurance company will need to know what caused the leak. Homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover damage that is caused by the homeowner’s failure to maintain the roof. This means if the leak developed because you failed to clean the gutters and remove debris from the roof in a timely manner, the insurance company will not pay for the repairs. However, if the leak developed because of something that was beyond your control, the insurance company will most likely cover the cost of the repairs. For example, the insurance company should pay for repairs if the leak was caused by hail or wind. Learn more about homeowners’ insurance and roof leaks.

Policy Exclusions

It’s important to carefully read the fine print of your homeowners’ insurance policy. Most policies will contain some exclusions, meaning they will explicitly state when repairs will not be covered. For instance, some policies will not pay for damage that is caused by mold growth. Other homeowners’ insurance policies will not cover the cost of repairs if the damage was caused by vandalism. Make sure you understand what is and is not included on your policy so you know what to expect.

How Much Will the Insurance Company Pay?

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the insurance company will pay for the full cost of repairs if the damage is covered by your policy. To determine how much the insurance company will pay, you will need to know the deductible and coverage limit on your policy.

The coverage limit is the absolute maximum amount of money that the insurance company will pay towards the cost of repairs. Most policies have a minimum coverage limit of $100,000, which is obviously more than enough to cover roof repairs. On the other hand, the deductible is the amount of money that you will need to pay towards claims that are covered by the insurance policy. Let’s say you have a homeowners’ insurance policy with a deductible of $500 and the cost of the repairs is $5,000. This means that the insurance company will pay $4,500 towards the cost of the repairs, and you will be expected to pay the remaining $500.

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