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Denver Roof Repair: Why You Should Never Install A Second Layer of Shingles

November 22, 2017

Replacing a roof can be expensive, but it’s a necessary expense if your roof is not in good condition. Some roofers may suggest that you put a second layer of shingles on top of your existing roof instead of ripping the existing roof off first. This may be less expensive, but it’s not good advice. Here are some of the reasons why Denver roof repair experts do not recommend installing a second layer of shingles:

Too Much Weight

Roofing materials are heavy, so adding a second layer of shingles to your roof will add to the total weight of the roof. Adding a second layer of shingles may make the roof too heavy for your home to support. This is especially true of older homes that are not structurally sound enough to carry this weight.

Hides Issues

A roofer will be able to identify problems with the sheathing if he rips off the old shingles before installing a new roof. If any problems are identified, the roofer can fix them before replacing your roof so you don’t run into any problems in the future. However, these problems will remain hidden if he simply adds another layer of shingles on top of the existing roof. As time goes on, the problem may become worse, which means it will be more costly to repair once it has been discovered. Learn more about making the decision between new roof and overlay.


It’s very easy to tell when a home has a roof that consists of two layers of shingles. The roof will look bulkier, and in some cases, it could even look lumpy. If the roof looks lumpy, it means the second layer of shingles was installed on top of a roof that has curled shingles. The curled shingles prevent the new shingles from laying flat on the roof, which affects the roof’s appearance.


Adding new roofing materials on top of your existing roof can trap moisture between the two layers of shingles. If this happens, the moisture can cause the wood on your roof to start rotting prematurely, which means you will be in need of extensive roof repair.

Makes Repairs Difficult

If your roof starts to leak, it can be very difficult to trace where the leak is coming from if you have two layers of shingles on your roof. This means a simple repair job becomes much more challenging—and expensive—all because you decided to save money when replacing your roof.

Does your roof need to be repaired or replaced? If so, talk to the experts about the importance of removing the existing roof prior to installing new shingles. Big Creek Roofing is the premier Denver roofing company, with a staff that specializes in every aspect of roof maintenance, repair, and replacement for commercial and residential properties. When you hire our team to tackle your roofing project, you can expect on-time and high quality service at a reasonable price. Contact us today to discuss your roofing needs!