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Roofers in Denver Discuss Common Problem Areas on the Roof

November 8, 2017

Problems can develop anywhere on the roof, but there are some areas that tend to need repairs far more often than others. These are the areas that roofers in Denver will inspect first when you report an issue with your roof. Where are they? Here are some of the most common problem areas on the roof:


Gutters play an important role in your roofing system, so when they are not working properly, it can affect your roof. For example, water will start to build up on your roof if it cannot go anywhere else because the gutters are clogged. If water sits on the roof long enough, it may lead to leaks. This is just one of many issues that can be caused by non-functioning gutters, so this problem area needs to be inspected by a professional on a regular basis.


The fascia, which is often thought of as a roof trim, is a band made out of either aluminum or wood that runs horizontally underneath the edge of the roof. The fascia is designed to protect the edges of the roof from environmental elements and to give the roof a smoother, more cohesive appearance. However, the fascia is vulnerable to water damage, so over time it may start to deteriorate or rot. This problem should be fixed as soon as possible. If it’s not, the damage can become worse and water may start to seep inside your home. Learn more about understanding fascia and soffit repair.


The soffit, which is typically made out of wood or vinyl, is found underneath the part of the roof that hangs over the home. Look closely at the soffit and you will see small holes that are designed to ventilate the attic. Small insects or animals may find shelter in these holes, which can damage the soffit. If the soffit is damaged, moisture will start to accumulate in the attic, which can cause the rafters and roof sheathing to rot. Shingles are attached to the roof sheathing, so when this starts to rot, the entire roof can be affected. This illustrates why it is so important to inspect the soffit to ensure it is in good shape.


Flashing is generally made out of aluminum or galvanized steel and is used to seal certain parts of the roof to prevent leaks. Flashing is typically found around chimneys, skylights, and in the valleys of the roof. Over time, the flashing may start to deteriorate or become loose, which indicates that repairs are needed right away. This is one of the first spots that a roofer will inspect when determining the cause of roof leaks.

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