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How to Assess Storm Damage Before Calling A Denver Roofer

October 25, 2017

It’s your responsibility as a homeowner to see if your roof sustained any damage after a storm. Homeowners that fail to look for signs of damage won’t know when it’s necessary to call a Denver roofer to perform repairs. But, this doesn’t mean you should grab a ladder and climb onto your roof for a closer look. Fortunately, there are safer ways to assess the damage that a storm has done. Follow these tips before calling a roofer for help:

Take A Trip to the Attic

Before stepping outside, it’s a good idea to look for signs of damage inside your home. Head into the attic to see if you spot any signs of water leaks. Look on the ceilings and walls for dark spots that could be water, then turn to your attention to the floor to look for water puddles. If you suspect there is a leak, protect everything that may get wet inside the attic and get in touch with a roofer as soon as possible.

Walk Around Your House

Next, go outside and walk around the house to look for signs of damage on the ground. You should be looking for any pieces of your roof that may have fallen off during the storm, including shingles, flashing, or parts of the fascia. If you spot any of these roofing materials on the ground, this indicates that the roof has been damaged and is in need of immediate repair.

Look For Hail Damage

Regardless of its size, hail can cause a significant amount of roof damage. If there was a hail storm in your area, it’s recommended that you check for hail damage, even if you did not see any hail near your home. From the ground, look at the gutters to see if there are any dents that could have been caused by hail. You should also step a few feet away from your home and see if there are any noticeable indentations in the roof. If you spot any signs of hail damage, contact a roofer right away. It may not look serious from the ground, but it’s possible that there is a lot more to the damage than what meets the eye. Learn how to spot hail damage.

Check For Broken Branches

Take a look at the trees in your yard to see if there are any broken branches. These branches may have fallen onto your roof during the storm, and depending on the size, they could have caused damage. If you see any large pieces of tree debris on the roof, it’s best to let a roofer climb up to inspect the damage.

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