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Roof Repair in Denver CO: What to Do If A New Roof is Leaking

October 18, 2017

No one ever expects to have to deal with a roof leak shortly after having an old roof replaced. After all, roofing materials are supposed to last over a decade, so a new roof certainly shouldn’t be leaking. Unfortunately, many new roofs do leak due to improper installation or defective materials. If you are in need of roof repair in Denver CO for your new roof, follow these tips:

Stay calm.
You may want to call the roofing contractor who installed the roof and give him a piece of you mind, but it’s important to remain calm. Yelling at someone won’t get you anywhere, and it’s possible that the contractor is not the reason your roof is leaking. Remember, defective roofing materials can also cause leaks, and this is a problem that the contractor had no control over.

Check your warranty.

If your roof was recently replaced, you should have been given some type of warranty. There are several different types of warranties, and each covers different issues, so read yours before the contractor comes to your home to fix the leak. Some warranties will only cover problems that are caused by defective materials, while others will cover issues related to defective materials or improper installation. Be sure that you know the ins and outs of your warranty so you can talk to the contractor about it before repairs begin. Read what does your roof warranty cover?

Schedule a repair.

Contact a roofing company and schedule a repair as soon as possible. Most roofers will try to make time to come to your home as quickly as possible when the issue is a leak in a new roof. If the person that you speak to on the phone says he doesn’t have time to come to your home within the next week, ask to speak to his supervisor. It’s perfectly fine to wait a few days, but you shouldn’t wait more than a week to fix this issue.

Be realistic.

When describing the problem to the roofer, be as factual as possible so the roofer can get a clear picture of what’s going on. If there is one small leak, don’t tell the roofer that your roof is caving in. The roofer needs to know exactly what the problem is so he can figure out when it can be repaired and how many people it will take to repair it.

Ask for tips.

After you have scheduled the appointment, it may be a good idea to ask the roofer how you can protect your belongings in the meantime. An experienced roofer should be able to tell you how to spot additional leaks in your home and what you should do to prevent water from ruining your belongings.

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