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What to Do Before A Denver Roofing Company Replaces Your Roof

September 13, 2017

Does your roof need to be replaced? If you’ve never had a roof replaced before, it’s important to understand that your home will look a bit like a construction site while the roofers are getting their job done. Before the Denver roofing company arrives, it’s best if you prepare by following these tips:

Ask About Waste Management

Be sure to ask the roofing company that you have hired about waste management. The roofers that are replacing your roof will need to throw away the materials that they are removing and the packaging of new materials that they are installing. Most roofing companies will bring either a dump truck or a dumpster to your home so they can easily toss what they don’t need. It’s best to find out what their plans are for getting rid of waste before they arrive so you know how to prepare. For example, you may want to make room in your yard for a dumpster by moving your kids’ swing set or toys out of the way.

Access to Amenities

The roofers will work long hours in order to get your roof done as quickly as possible. To make them comfortable, you may want to give them access to a bathroom inside your home. If you don’t want the roofers tracking in dirt or debris from outside, lay down a mat outside of the front door and ask that they wipe their feet before entering. You can even put down old sheets or cardboard from the front door to the bathroom if you are worried about your floors.

Access to the Attic

The roofers may need to get inside your attic at some point in the replacement process. Feel free to ask the roofing company ahead of time if they will need to get inside your attic so you can plan for it. If they do, make sure that the path to get into your attic is clear so the roofers don’t have any trouble.

Keep Pets Away

Before new roofing material can be installed, the old material must be removed, along with the thousands of nails that were holding the old materials in place. Roofers typically use a magnet at the end of the day to collect all of these nails that may have fallen off of the roof and into your yard. But in the meantime, there could be nails hiding in your yard. To protect your pets, keep them indoors while your roof is being replaced. Make sure to ask the roofers if the nails have been removed before you let your pets roam around the yard. Read 5 things to know before you replace your roof.

Now that you know how to prepare for a roof replacement, it’s time to contact the professionals to get started. Big Creek Roofing is the premier Denver roofing company, with a staff that specializes in every aspect of roof maintenance, repair, and replacement for commercial and residential properties. When you hire our team to tackle your roofing project, you can expect on-time and high quality service at a reasonable price. Contact us today to discuss your roofing needs!