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Denver Roofer Explains What to Do If A Tree Damages Your Roof

August 23, 2017

Has a tree fallen on your roof? Trees can cause a great deal of damage due to their weight and the rate at which they fall. This kind of damage can happen when you least expect it, so it’s important to know exactly what you should do in this situation so you don’t waste any time. According to a Denver roofer at Big Creek Roofing, homeowners should follow these steps after discovering tree damage on their roofs:

Get out of the house.

There’s no way to determine the extent of the damage without the help of a professional, so it’s recommended that you don’t take any chances and get out of the house. It’s possible that the tree only damaged the shingles, but if the tree was heavy enough, it could have significantly damaged the structure of your home. When this happens, it’s not safe for you to stay inside.

Call 9-1-1.

Alert the authorities if you think the fallen tree has made contact with power lines. A fire crew or another team of emergency responders will arrive at the scene to make sure there are no fire or electrical hazards.

Take pictures.

If you can, quickly take pictures of the damage that is visible both inside and outside of the home. These pictures can be used when you file a claim with your homeowners’ insurance company later on.  

Contact a roofing company.

Before calling your insurance company, get in touch with a local roofer and ask if he can come to your house as soon as possible. The roofer will assess the extent of the damage and give you a better idea of what repairs are needed. Of course, if you want your insurance company to cover the costs of the repairs, you should not let the roofer begin working on the repairs until you have talked to a representative from the insurance company.

Inform your insurance company.

After meeting with a roofer, notify your insurance company of the incident and begin the process of filing a claim. It could take days or weeks for an insurance company to approve your claim, so be patient. How do I file a homeowners’ insurance claim?

Protect your valuables.

If the emergency responders have declared that your home does not have structural damage, you should be allowed to move back in. However, it’s possible that your roof will be leaking because of the damage. Be sure to do a complete walk-through of your home to identify any leaks. If you find some, protect your belongings by laying out sheets and towels and collecting the water in a bucket.

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