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Roof Repair in Denver: Areas to Inspect For Leaks

August 9, 2017

Any part of your roof can be damaged, but there are some areas that tend to need roof repair in Denver more than others. This is especially true when it comes to leaks. Certain parts of the roof are prone to developing leaks, so these should be the first areas your roofer inspects when looking for signs of trouble. Here are the most common sources of roof leaks:


Do you have a skylight to flood your home full of beautiful, natural light? It may brighten the interior of your home, but it could also do some damage. Leaks may develop around skylights that are not properly installed or skylights that have reached the end of their lifespan. Keep a close eye on these lights to watch for signs of leaks.


Flashing is used to cover seams or areas of transition on your roof. Flashing is a thin metal sheet that slowly begins to break down over time, especially when it is exposed to extreme environmental elements. As a result, areas that are covered in flashing that is reaching the end of its lifespan are more prone to leaks than other parts of your roof. If your flashing is fairly new, it shouldn’t leak unless it wasn’t installed correctly. Learn all about roof flashing here.


If you have a fireplace in your home, you should always keep a close eye on the chimney to look for signs of leaks. The bricks that were used to build your chimney are bound together with mortar, which is really just a mixture of water, sand, and cement. Mortar is durable, but nothing lasts forever. Eventually, the mortar will erode and crumble after years of being exposed to fluctuating temperatures, sunlight, rain, and wind. Once the mortar begins to crack, rainwater can find its way in and begin to collect at the base of your chimney. If you spot a leak around your chimney, it could be caused by cracked mortar or a number of other factors, including deteriorated flashing.


Has a tree branch recently fallen on your roof? Was there a bad hailstorm within the last few days? You may need to check the shingles on your roof to look for signs of damage that could indicate leaks. If you see shingles that are loose, missing, or curling up at the edges, this means your roof is in need of repair. Leaks can also develop once the shingles have reached a certain age. Check with your roofer to find out how long the shingles on your roof should last so you know when you need to start inspecting them more carefully.

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