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When is the Best Time For A Denver Roofing Company to Install A Roof?

July 26, 2017

Being a roofer is a full-time job, so no matter what time of year it is, you should be able to find a Denver roofing company to install a new roof on your home. But, if you can afford to wait, is there a certain time of year that’s better for roof installations than others? Here’s what you need to know:

The Busy Season

Roofers typically get more business beginning in the late summer and ending at the start of winter. This is when roofers prefer installing new roofs because the temperatures are warm, but not scorching, and the weather is a bit more predictable. If you need roofing services during this time period, you may have to schedule an appointment in advance to secure a slot with your roofing company.

Prices may go up during this time of year, but it’s not your roofer’s fault. Suppliers that work with roofing companies know that summer and fall are busier than other seasons. As a result, they tend to increase their prices around this time every year, which means the roofers will need to charge their customers more in order to make the same amount off of each project.

Spring is another popular time for roofers in Denver. Many homeowners have to call roofers in the spring because it’s the first time that they notice roof damage caused by the brutal winter storms. As a result, roofers often have to do a lot of repairs and replacements in the first few weeks of spring. If you are planning ahead, spring may be the best time to call a roofer. At this time, prices haven’t gone up yet and the temperature is ideal. It’s not cold enough to cause your shingles to break, and it’s not hot enough to soften them either.

The Offseason

Roofing companies are not nearly as busy during the winter. Many of the customers that they service during the winter are those that have roofing emergencies that need to be repaired immediately. Because business is slower, you shouldn’t have any trouble scheduling an appointment with a roofer. Prices may be lower, too. However, it’s possible that your roofer may need to reschedule in the event of bad weather.

Roofers can also have a harder time installing shingles during the winter because the asphalt can become hard and brittle in freezing temperatures. But, an experienced roofer should know how to handle this situation. Plus, the warranty on your shingles does not change just because the shingles were installed during the winter. In the event that there is an issue with the shingles, you should be covered by the warranty. Here are 7 warning signs you need a new roof.

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