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What Denver Roofers Should Include in Estimates and Contracts

July 19, 2017

If it’s been awhile since you’ve worked with Denver roofers, you may not remember exactly what you should be looking for when reviewing estimates and contracts. But, it’s important that you know what information should appear on these documents so you know when to call out when something is missing. Before you agree to work with a roofing company, look for this crucial information on the estimate or contract:


The estimate should obviously contain information on the cost of the project, but it should have more than just the total price that you have to pay. You should be able to see the costs of labor, materials, cleanup, and permits. If the costs are not broken out this way on the estimate, ask the roofing company to provide more information.

Terms of the Project

The estimate or contract should include information on when the roofers will begin working on your roof and what they plan on doing to it. It should also have an estimated completion date, but keep in mind that weather and other factors may cause delays.


The roofing company should outline how you can pay for their services in either the estimate or contract. For example, if the company only accepts cash or check, this should be included in one of these documents so you know ahead of time that you will not be able to use a credit or debit card. The roofing company should also outline when they want to be paid. Some companies may require you to put down a deposit in the beginning and then pay the rest once the project is complete.


If you are having your roof replaced, the roofing company should offer you a warranty on the materials. Make sure that the details of this warranty are included in either the estimate or contract so you know how long you are protected. If there is anything that could void the warranty, this should also be included in these documents. See 6 questions to ask roofing contractors when hiring them.


Roofers should fill you in on the materials that will be used to complete the project. This should include information on the flashing, shingles, and underlayment that will be used by the roofers. You will need this information in the roofing estimate so you can ensure that the roofer is using high-quality materials. Costs can vary greatly depending on the quality of the material. Therefore, it is hard to compare bids from different companies if you don’t know what materials each company will be using.

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