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Denver Roof Repair Tip: What to Do if You Spot A Leak

July 5, 2017

Sometimes, it seems like roof problems occur at the worst possible moment, so it’s best to be prepared by learning what you should do until a Denver roof repair company is able to come and fix the issue. If you spot a leak in your roof, follow these steps:

Collect the water.

The first thing you should do is limit the damage that the leak causes in your home by finding a way to collect the water. If it’s a slow leak, putting a bucket or some other container underneath the leak should do the trick. You may want to lay towels or a tarp underneath the bucket in case the leak begins to spread and drip in other areas. Be sure to check the bucket frequently and if needed, empty it so it can continue to collect the water without overflowing.

Remove all of your valuables.

You never know when a leak will get bigger, so you should plan for the worst and begin to move your valuables out of the way in that space so they’re not damaged by water. This is especially important if the leak is positioned above expensive electronic devices such as a TV or desktop computer since water can completely destroy these items. Learn about the 7 unexpected dangers of a leaky roof.

Contact a roofing professional.

Now that you’ve done everything you can do to limit the damage, it’s time to get in touch with a roofing professional. If you’re sure you have a leak, most roofing companies will try to send someone within a more immediate time frame to gauge the damage. Others may be able to send someone over to you right away, but this is never a guarantee - go with Big Creek Roofers to be sure you get the best service possible.

Save your ceiling.

As you wait for your roofing professional to arrive, you may notice that the dark spot is beginning to get bigger, which means water is building up in the ceiling. Eventually, the weight of the water will cause the ceiling to collapse and all of that water will come down with it. If you’re concerned about this happening, it may be best to take matters into your own hands. Ask a friend to hold a bucket a few feet away from the ceiling as you drill a hole into the ceiling. By doing this, you are letting the water pour out before it becomes heavy enough to bring down parts of your ceiling. If you’re hesitant about drilling a hole into your ceiling, contact the roofing professional that you scheduled the repair with and ask him for his advice on whether or not you should do this on your own.
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