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Why Attic Insulation is Important For Your Roof

August 15, 2018

When it comes to keeping your home in good condition, you know that a well-maintained roof is key. However, there’s more to keeping your roofing system in shape than simply addressing damage to the shingles or repairing leaks as they happen. In fact, keeping your insulation in good condition is just as important and vital to the overall comfort and safety of the house. Your experienced Denver roof repair team explains why attic insulation is so important both for the house and your roof.

Makes the House Efficient

When an attic is properly insulated, it works to keep temperatures in the space more consistent. This, in turn, helps your HVAC system run more efficiently, saving you money on both heating and cooling costs. Think of the attic as a buffer zone between the outdoors and the rest of your home. With the right amount of insulation, the buffer zone stays reasonably cool during the summer and warm during the winter. The less heat that enters the attic during the summer, the less your AC system has to work to cool the upper levels of the house. Similarly, the more warmth that the attic holds in during the winter, the less your heater needs to run to keep up with the cooler temperatures.

Keeps Moisture and Condensation Out

Uninsulated or under-insulated attics can get damp easily. When a space is not properly insulated, small cracks and gaps between the roofline and the attic allow moisture to build up inside. Increased levels of moisture lead to increased risk of mold, mildew, and wood rot. When insulation is added and the place is properly sealed off from the elements, your risk for water damage and other issues goes down significantly. Remember, mold and mildew can lead to upper respiratory problems, making the home unsafe to live in when left to spread.

Preserves Your Roof

The roofing materials are exposed to the elements constantly. While they’re designed to withstand heat from above, they can warp when the attic gets too warm and damp. The more warped shingles or subroofing gets, the more likely it is that your home will suffer from water damage. Unfortunately, when left unrepaired, the warping can often only be fixed by a full roof replacement. Simply installing new materials over the warped subroofing and underlayment only increases the frequency of needed repairs. While warping can happen when a roof is properly insulated, it is far less likely and will help keep your roof in good condition for many years to come.

The only way to determine if your attic has enough insulation is to schedule a roofing inspection with a professional contractor. At Big Creek Roofing & Restoration, our dedicated roofers will thoroughly inspect the exterior and interior of your roofing system for damage and overall insulation levels to determine what your roof really needs. We believe that roof repairs should benefit the safety of your home and will only make a recommendation if your home truly needs the work. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.


How Letting Your Denver Roofer Replace Your Commercial Roof Helps Your Business

August 8, 2018

As a business owner, you’ll do everything you can to keep things running smoothly. While routine maintenance from your Denver roof repair team will help prevent leaks, you’ll eventually need to replace the entire roof system. For most business owners, a full roof replacement feels like little more than an inconvenience. After all, you want your customers and clients to be able to use your services without interruption. Believe it or not, a roof replacement can actually benefit your company and your bottom line. Here’s how:

Increased Energy Efficiency

Cutting back on heating and cooling costs is always a priority. However, older roofing systems often lack the proper amount of insulation required to keep energy loss to a minimum. New materials and advances in roofing technology have made commercial roofs far more energy efficient. By replacing the roof, whether due to the age of the materials or a qualifying event through your business insurance policy, you’ll see an immediate reduction in your energy bills, saving you money month after month.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

As roofs age, they start to develop more frequent leaks and damage. This is because the materials themselves are no longer as weather-resistant as they were when initially installed. The more maintenance the roof requires, the higher your repair costs will be each year. By replacing an older roof, you’ll reduce the number of maintenance appointments and repairs needed each year. This can help reduce your overall upkeep budget significantly.

Renewed Warranty

Older roofs are often out of warranty, meaning the property owner has to pay for any repairs, even if the damage is due to faulty materials. When you install a new roof, the materials are backed by a manufacturer warranty. For most commercial materials, these warranties last for up to 15 years, depending on the type of materials used. While you’ll still need to schedule regular maintenance to preserve the warranty, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that any catastrophic failure of the materials used will be covered by the manufacturer.

Protects Your Livelihood

Your business is your livelihood. When you have to close for repairs, you’re losing business, impacting your bottom line and inconveniencing your customers. Installing a new roof ensures that your building remains leak-free as long as possible. Not only does this make your building look more welcoming and inviting to clients, but it also protects the inventory, electronics, and necessary tools from extensive damage. Even losing a small amount of your inventory can take a toll on your operating budget, forcing you to dip into your profits to cover the repair.

You have more important things to worry about than unexpected leaks and water damage at your business. Let our experienced contractors install a new high-quality and efficient commercial roof on your building so you can focus on delighting your customers. We’ll work with you to find the best possible materials for your facility’s needs and budget. Don’t settle for frequent repairs. Call Big Creek Roofing & Restoration today and schedule a free on-site estimate.

Denver Roofers Explain 3 Common Problems Caused By Damaged Gutters

August 2, 2018

Your home’s gutter system is responsible for sending water from the roof to a safe drainage area away from your house. When the system is compromised or damaged, all that runoff can lead to significant problems to both the interior and exterior of your home. While many homeowners put off calling a Denver roofing company when their gutters are underperforming, it’s vital that you have the damage addressed as soon as possible. Here are a few ways that damaged gutters can do long-term harm to your house.

Warped Siding

When gutters are clogged or pulling away from the side of the house, water can’t flow from the roof to the gutter system. Instead, it drips off the roof ledge and down the siding. Over time, the water will start to soak into the siding, causing the material to warp. While warped siding is certainly a cosmetic issue, it also traps moisture against the walls of your house. When left unaddressed, the buildup of moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth both on the home’s exterior and inside your walls. In order to adequately get rid of mold, you’ll need to hire a mold remediation specialist and may need to have your house treated more than once.

Foundation Damage

When they’re in good condition, gutters send water and runoff away from your house. This helps keep the dirt around the foundation properly packed and dry. If the gutters can’t direct that flow of water, it can create puddles around the foundation of your house. Over time, and during periods of extensive rainfall, all that water can saturate the foundation of your house and cause the dirt underneath to shift. This often results in cracks in the cement that, when left alone, can spread and impact the structural integrity of the building, making it potentially unsafe for you and your family. The best way to prevent foundation damage is to let your roofer inspect your gutter system at least twice a year.

Insect and Pest Infestations

It should come as no surprise that pests love warm and damp environments and poorly functioning gutters fit the bill perfectly. While they may start seeking refuge in a buildup of leaves inside the metal tubing, many critters eventually move into the attic space, entering your home just beneath the roof line. This can lead to damage to the wiring, insulation, and even roof leaks as they build larger and larger nests. Regular gutter cleaning will help reduce the risk of insect and pest infestations. While you can clean the gutters yourself, it’s best to let an experienced professional handle the job.

Keeping your gutters in good condition is beneficial both for your home and the roof itself. If you notice that your gutters are dented, cracked, or warped, schedule an appointment with the experienced roofers at Big Creek Roofing and Construction. Our dedicated contractors will work to quickly get your gutters back in shape so you can be prepared for all those surprise summer afternoon rains without fear of damaging your house.

3 Signs It’s Time to Call Denver Roofers to Address Sun Damage

July 25, 2018

Summer is here and that means more of the weather Denver is so well-known for: sunny days. While beautiful and ideal for enjoying a hike in the woods, the sun can take its toll on your house. For most homeowners, the most easily damaged area of their home is the roof and the sun’s harsh rays can do a number on your roofing materials. While an experienced Denver roof repair company will be able to fix the damage, it’s important that you know what to look for when deciding if it’s time to schedule an appointment. Here are a few of the tell-tale signs of sun damage to look for on your Colorado roof.

Warped Shingles

Because Denver is at such a high altitude, there’s less atmosphere acting as a protective barrier between your roof and the sun’s rays. This causes your shingles to heat up quickly day after day. The longer this cycle continues, the more likely it is that your shingles will start warping. Though warped materials are more common on older roof systems, they can happen on any house. Periodically walk around the exterior of your home and inspect the roof from the ground. If it appears that the slope is not even or you notice areas where the shingles are starting to bubble up, call your roofing contractor immediately.

The Shingles Are Fading

When constantly exposed to the elements, your shingles will eventually lose their color. This is because they act as a barrier against the sun’s damaging UV rays which slowly but surely leaching the color out of the roof. The more faded the shingles are, the more sun damage the roof has sustained. Inspect your roof both in full sun and on an overcast day. Though this is only a cosmetic issue, it could become a problem if you live in a neighborhood with a particularly picky homeowner’s association. If they take issue with the color of your roof, you may be asked to replace the shingles before the roof is due for an upgrade.

You’re Experiencing Leaks During Rainstorms

Since sun damage slowly causes your roofing materials to deteriorate, you’ll likely start to notice an increase in leaks as the roof becomes more damaged. If you’ve noticed signs of sun damage or are worried that your roof could be fading, be proactive. Check your attic after each major rainstorm and make sure there’s no sign of water on the rafters or along the floor. If you notice anything or feel that the space is more humid than usual, schedule a roof inspection with your contractor. The sooner you catch a leak, the less damage the water can do to your house.

Whether you’ve noticed the signs of sun damage on your roof or you’re worried about the age of your roof system, having it professionally inspected and repaired is vital to the safety of your home. Don’t put off an inspection until you have an active leak. Contact Big Creek Roofing and Restoration to schedule an inspection today.

How to Prepare Your Yard For Denver Roofers

July 18, 2018

You put a lot of effort into maintaining the exterior of your home. There’s careful landscaping, frequent lawn maintenance, and even roof repairs to think of. However, if you’re like most homeowners, the thought of having roof work done can be a source of stress—not because of the work itself, but because of the risks it places on your landscaping. Though every Denver roof repair contractor you hire will take care to keep your landscaping safe, there are a few things you can do to prepare your yard and home for roof work.

Keep Your Pets Indoors

Pets get nervous even during the simplest roof repairs when left outdoors. A nervous pet presents a safety hazard both to your landscaping and the contractors working on your property. Rather than leaving your pets outside or giving them access to both the yard and your home, keep them indoors while the crew is there. This will keep everyone safe and reduce the damage to your plants and garden beds by preventing your furry friend from trampling your flowers or digging up the soil to relieve stress.

Cover Your Plants

Even the tidiest roofing crew will lose a few shingles and roofing nails over the course of the job. While lightweight, these items can still damage your landscaping when falling from the full height of your house. To reduce the risk of damage, cover your fragile plants with a sturdy tarp. If you’re worried about a particular area of. Your garden, use a tarp to create a lean-to against the side of your house. This way, any wayward roofing materials will hit the tarp and slide down it rather than putting pressure on your plants.

Schedule a Tree Pruning Appointment

Low-lying branches are hazardous to your roof, but if they break unexpectedly while the roofing team is working, they can injure both the crew and your plants. Before roof work is set to begin, schedule a tree pruning appointment with a local tree service. They’ll be able to remove any safety hazards from the roof area and keep your new roof in better shape over the long-run.

Take Down Hanging Plants

Hanging plants may add color to your porch or patio, but they’re not the best thing to leave up when a contractor is fixing your roof. Even light roof repairs creates vibrations throughout your home. These vibrations can cause the hanging plants to fall, shattering their pots and damaging their roots. Rather than leaving them up, consider moving them inside where they’ll be protected during the project.

Your landscaping makes your home look just as appealing as a new roof and, at Big Creek Roofing and Restoration, we want to keep it that way. Our dedicated team will take care to be as cautious as possible around sensitive gardens and landscaping areas. After each job is finished, we’ll clean up as best as possible to ensure that stray roofing nails and materials are not a hazard for you and your family. If you’re worried about a  leak or need a few windblown shingles replaced before the summer rains start to fall, call (720) 309-9722 to schedule a free estimate.